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Should You Buy a New Or Used Car?

Should You Buy a New Or Used Car?By Novak Wolfe

There are many considerations for purchasing a new vehicle. For example, which model is best? How much gas mileage do you desire? What colors, fabrics, electronics or other features am I most interested in? Are you looking for one that is just for you or are you acquiring something for an emerging or growing family? Once you have decided to get rid of your old clunker and go for something newer, perhaps one of the most difficult to make decisions is whether to buy a used or new model. This decision can guide the rest of your purchase choices.

When making the decision to buy a car right off the production line or one that has already been cared for by someone else, you should mull over your budget first. For those with limited cash, purchasing a used car can typically get you more bang for your buck. There are very few new cars that are listed for less than $10,000 so this is an important consideration.

A new car or truck can offer many great features including reduced maintenance and extended warranty coverage. However, for the price, you can typically purchase a like-new car with great reliability and more features. If you are thinking about a luxury type, a pre-owned version might be a great way to get the car you desire without breaking the bank.

There are even some program vehicles at your local dealer than are the best of both worlds. Typically only driven by the dealer for a few thousand miles, these cars, trucks and sports utility vehicles are deeply discounted and offer all of the perks of a newer model. Additionally, certain automakers offer certified pre-owned programs. These automobiles have undergone rigorous inspections and sometimes come with a better warranty. For trouble-free driving, get an extended warranty. It will give you peace of mind while on the road so you don't have to worry the next time your car talks.

For trouble-free driving, get an extended auto warranty. It will give you peace of mind while on the road so you don't have to worry the next time your car talks. For more information, visit National Auto Guardian.

The Latest Renault Cars

The Latest Renault Cars

By Craig Ellyard

Renault have now been producing cars for over a century and they continue to maintain their reputation for launching quality vehicles for the British motorist to this very day.

Among the new range of Renault cars is the Twingo, the brand's own super-mini. It is a sports styled vehicle with plenty of space in its interior. There are options to personalise the Twingo. Also in the range is the GT and Renaultsport.

Another vehicle with a very sporty style is the new Clio. This car comes as either a three-door or five-door, and provides plenty of room for passengers. This elegant car also boasts the new Carminat TomTom integrated satellite navigation system right across the range.

And if you want a car that is both versatile and adaptable the newly designed Kangoo could be the vehicle for you. The new model has airbags for driver and passenger, two sliding doors, headlights with "see me home" function, a folding front passenger seat, overhead storage compartments and a multi-position parcel shelf.

The new Renault slogan is "Time for a change" and it could be time or you to change to the new Megane range. The Megane Coupe boasts a sports chassis as standard as well as the technical equipment to ensure you enjoy the safest of rides. Also in the Megane range is the Sports Tourer, Coupe Cabriolet and Hatch, all with the style, fuel efficiency and safety features that the Renault brand is renowned for.

The company is also leading the rest of the pack with its majestic range of 4x4s. The new Grand Scenic seven-seater is ideal for the hectic lifestyle of the modern family. And if you want comfort with robustness and perfect styling the Koleos 4x4 Crossover is just the ticket.

Want a car that gives both space and comfort, is easy on fuel consumption and tops the league for safety? Then the Modus or Grand Modulus could be the Renault car for you. The Modus gained Five Stars in the Euro NCAP awards and also won the Small MPV category in the Green Car Awards in 2009.

In Renaults enticing range of coupes, they have produced a car of class with the Laguna. The Laguna is packed with features such as its satin coloured centre console, an integrated Carminat TomTom satellite navigation system complete with joystick, Bi-Xenon headlights with washers, rear parking sensors and automatic parking brake. And looks wise the Laguna highlights the exceptional design of Renault cars.

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New Nissan 370z

New Nissan 370z
The lighter and more powerful Nissan 370Z coupe is finally here. From first impressions, Nissan have created a very sleek and curvy car that would definitely catch people eye as it drove down the road. Top Gear also rates the New Nissan 370Z.

The lighter and more powerful Nissan 370Z coupe is finally here. From first impressions, Nissan have created a very sleek and curvy car that would definitely catch people eye as it drove down the road. Top Gear also rates the New 370Z saying 'We approve. Slightly shorter and wider than the 350Z, the 370Z gets a bunch of added sleekness and, we reckon, more than a hint of GT-R about it.'

Power comes from the familiar 3.7 litre VQ37VHR V6 (VHR indicating Very High Revving) that makes 332 bhp (247kW), 270 lb-ft (366 Nm) of torque and revs all the way to 7000rpm.

The 370Z Roadster features the same 3.7L V6 as the coupe version. Powered by a 3.7-Litre V6 coupled with a 6-speed close-ratio manual gear box, the 2009 NISSAN NISMO 370Z is able to unleash 350 hp and 276 lb-ft of torque at 5,200 RPM. This kind of performance is also achieved thanks to Nissan's Variable Valve Event and Lift system, the micro-finished crankshaft and camshaft and the NISMO-tuned larger diameter dual exhaust pipes. Power goes from the close ratio six-speed manual 'box (the only transmission available) to the rear axle through a carbon fibre driveshaft.

Steering is communicative and responsive. In nearly all circumstances, we'd describe the Camaro's handling attitude as completely neutral, a characteristic that gives the car an exceptionally agile feel. Steering control is handled through a power-steering rack-style configuration. The 370Z has power-assisted brakes, with 4-Wheel ABS support.

The rear lights are styled like a boomerang flick, rather than the elongated triangle of today's car. There's also a central fog light, two big exhaust pipes and a hint of a rear diffuser at the rump.

Inside the 370Z you'll find the familiar dashboard layout, but the quality of all materials has been improved. One item that stands out here is a hard-to-read engine-temperature/fuel level gauge, which is basically a metallic plate with a bunch of small holes in it. Inside, there's leather splashed around the cabin even when specified with cloth seats and plastics are an improvement over the outgoing model.

Touring models include unique leather-appointed "net" seats with 4-way power/4-way manual operation on the driver's seat (4-way power on the passenger's seat). These second-generation net seats are exclusive to the Z Roadster and have integrated heating and cooling functions. Touring models include unique leather-appointed "net" seats with 4-way power/4-way manual operation on the driver's seat (4-way power on the passenger's seat). These second-generation net seats are exclusive to the Z Roadster and have integrated heating and cooling functions - ideal for open air driving no matter what the outside temperature.

The Nissan 370Z is defiantly a very stylish looking car, add in better performance in every aspect, better looks, and better materials and build quality inside and out and you will agree that this is a set of very hot wheels. So much so that the motoring magazine 'Auto Express' compared the 370Z Roadster to a Porsche Cayman, and over all rated the new Nissan 370Z as the better car, however it doesn't carry the sporting prestige badge of a Porsche.

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The New Ford Ka

The New Ford KaThe New Ford Ka is marketed as a small car with big ideas, fun-loving and spontaneous, the Ford Ka lives for the moment. Ford is particularly good at making cars that leave a grin on your face at the end of a journey. And the new Ka does exactly that.

The New Ford Ka is marketed as a small car with big ideas, fun-loving and spontaneous, the Ford Ka lives for the moment. Ford is particularly good at making cars that leave a grin on your face at the end of a journey. And the new Ka does exactly that.

The old model has successfully kept at bay all of its rivals, and has consistently remained the UK's top-selling sub-mini car. When it was launched 12 years' ago, the original Ka had only four rivals, and the sector accounted for just 4 per cent of the UK market.

The new Ford Ka is receiving excellent reviews from the media and was recently previewed on BBC's Top Gear showing itself as a real winner.

There is a new 1.2-litre 68bhp petrol engine which Ford claims has cut fuel consumption by 21 per cent compared to the previous 1.3-litre Ka. This also puts the Ka into group B road tax banding, which means you pay only £35 a year. Insurance groups start from a first time driver friendly group 1.

The new Ford Ka is to keep the compact structure characteristic of the older version of the model and, the producer hopes, is likewise going to become as popular among users as the previous version. In the course of 12-years production of the older Ford Ka 1.4 billion cars were produced.

New Jaguar XJ Series

The New Jaguar XJThe world has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the all new Jaguar XJ and now it's finally here.

At Jaguar it has been their mission to create and build beautiful fast cars. The XK, XF, X-TYPE and now the all new Jaguar XJ they say “brings the exhilaration of driving to life”. The new XJ was unveiled on 9 July 2009; however it won't actually hit the Jaguar forecourts for a few more months yet, although the dealerships are registering people's interest now to keep them updated with the launch.

A quick historical recap of the Jaguar XJ - The Jaguar XJ is a luxury saloon sold under the British Jaguar marque. The XJ was launched in 1968 and has served as the Jaguar flagship model for most of its production span which continues through to today. The original model was the last Jaguar saloon to have had the input of Sir William Lyons, the company's founder.

Carrying through the visual style of the recently released XF saloon and XFR sports car, this radical XJ is aimed squarely at a new generation of Jaguar buyers. An innovative new panoramic glass roof is an integral part of the all-new XJ's design concept, enabling the car to have a lower, more streamlined roofline, while dramatically enhancing the feeling of light and space inside.


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Audi TT Sports Car Review

By CJ Carter

If you are looking for bold styling, sophistication, and performance in a small coupe then the Audi TT is a strong candidate. In the world or Porsche Boxters, BMW Z4's, and Benz SLK's the Audi TT takes on a totally different look, while still managing to be quite cool.

The Audi TT's MSRP ranges between roughly 35,000 to $46,000 for a top of the line model. It comes in the coupe or roadster body style. With its upscale interior, the TT comes in all wheel drive, with a smooth sequential shift manual transmission found in most of today's modern sports cars. The Audi TT is totally redesigned from the ground up for 2008. The TT has a new four cylinder engine. It also has been designed with extensive use of aluminum to reduced the curb weight in comparison with previous models of the car.

Just like previous incarnations of the vehicle, the TT relies on a turbocharged four cylinder or a naturally aspirated V6. The four cylinder is a new design by the six cylinder was carried over from the older models. With an all new suspension as well as electronic assisted steering the handling of the new TT should be a noted improvement over older models. In a Porsche-esque manner the rear spoiler rises at highway speeds on the new TT. The TT's interior still has a 2+2 design. It really should be a 2+ throw your jacked or your bag in the backseat because no real human could fit. There are a lot of different choices on the market when you are looking in the small sports car class but the TT is in a class of its own.

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Honda CRV

Honda CRVThe Honda CRV Petrol and Diesel models
The Honda CRV was introduced in 2003 to take over from the previous model available whose roots can be traced bck to 1996. The Honda CRV is a sports utility vehicle (SUV) and is available with a choice of petrol and diesel engines. This article details the Honda CRV SUV, specifications and options, where to buy new and used Honda CRVs and running costs.

The Honda CRV is powered by a choice of 2.0ltr or 2.2ltr turbodiesel mated to either six speed manual or automatic gearboxes. The new Honda CRV is wider, lower and slightly shorter than the previous version.

Honda CRV Engines:
The diesel Honda CRV, with its CTDi badge, is available in SE, ES and Ex trim levels with Ex providing most goodies. The petrol cars are available in SE, ES and Ex trim. The Ex models, with both petrol and diesel engines, are also available with an advanced safety pack which provides advanced cruise control with collision mitigation braking system (CMBS).

The fuel efficient common-rail turbo diesel models will give around 43mpg on combined cycle, while achieving 50mpg on long motorway runs. All this while producing an incredible 350NM torque at just 2000rpm, fantastic if your looking for a vehicle for towing.

The 2.0ltr petrol cars are mated to either an automatic or 6-speed manual gearbox. Expect to get around 34mpg on the combined cycle or upto 40mpg on long motorway drives.

Honda CRV Safety:
The Honda CRV has a very comprehensive range of safety features. All models get Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), Trailer Stability Assist (TSA), Anti-lock brakes (ABS), Electronic brake force distribution. The Honda CRV has driver, passenger and side air bags as standard. An external temperature sensor will show you when it's getting dangerously cold outside. The Honda CRV has remote central locking, driver, passenger and side/curtain airbags.

Honda CRV Security:
All cars get an alarm and rolling code ECU engine immobilizer, deadlocks and locking wheel nuts, lockable glove box, and externally visible VIN Number.

In the Honda CRV you can take a lot of gear with you. The rear seats have a 60:40 split, fold flat, and can comformtably fit 3 people in the back. The tailgate is electrically operated and can open automatically using the key remote. It also has a sensor to detect if anything is in the way when closing so your vedgetables should be safe!

The Hond CRV boot capacity with the rear seats up is 556 ltrs up to the window line, drop the back seats and the storage space increases to 695 ltrs. The boot also features an additional 12v socket and under floor storage area.

Honda CRV Options:
If you buy a Honda CRV then you'll be pleased with the array options which come as standard on a Honda CRV. In Ex spec, the Honda CRV has leather seats available in a variety of colours. Heating and cooling is controlled by a dual-zone climate control system which provides seperate temperature environments for driver and passenger. The Ex models also get electrically operated heated seats for driver and passenger, which have two heat settings. Steering mounted controls include cruise control and remote control audio buttons.

A touchscreen DVD Sat Nav system comes as standard on the Ex models, it includes voice recognition and bluetooth phone connection. The integrated sat nav also handles the in-car-entertainment system, radio and CD functions, temperature and air-con and other various settings. The sat nav system is quite advanced and can take you anywhere in europe. The CD player in ex spec has traffic alerts and there's a socket for an MP3 player.

All cars get electric windows, electrically adjustable and heated door mirrors, front and rear arm rests.

Other options include: reverse parking sensors, roof racks, dog bars, sports suspension and an integrated Bluetooth system.

Honda CRV Accessories:
We love accessories and with the Honda CRV you won't be left wanting with a great range of stylish and practical accessories for your new or used Honda CRV. The 'Premium Pack' provides you with Body Coloured Door Protectors, Protective Boot Tray, Stainless steel doorstep garnishes, elegance floor carpets
There's a detachable towing bar which works with the vechicles Trailer Stability Assist feature, and a 'Dynamic Pack' which upgrades the CRV with additional spoilers and sporty 19 inch alloy wheels.

Honda CRV Running costs:
The diesel Honda CRV is insurance group 10, 2.0ltr petrol Honda CRV is group 11. Honda cars come with a 90'000 mile/3 year warranty and service intervals at 12'500 miles. Emissions are around 171g/km for the diesel units, 190 for the 2.0ltr petrol models.

As an alternative, take a look at the Mitsubish Outlander or if maybe a Landrover Freelander.

Honda has produced a quality product and as usual with Honda's the Honda CRV has an excellent reliability record.

More Honda CRV Photos...

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Super Car Thrill

The Honda Jazz Petrol and Diesel models

The Honda Jazz Petrol and Diesel modelsThe Honda Jazz was introduced in 2002 at the super-mini end of the market. Since then it has gone on to become a well rounded small car with growing list of features and enhancements. It is a highly accomplished car in a very competitive segment of the market. The used honda jazz represents a great buy and is well worth considering when looking for your next used car.

Honda Jazz Engines:
The Honda Jazz is powered by a choice of 1.2 or 1.4ltr I-VTEC petrol engines mated to either five speed manual or six-speed automated manual gearbox. The manual gearbox also features a Shift Indicator Lamp (SIL) which aids the driver to drive more efficiently. The shift indicator lamp turns on to advise the driver when to shift up or down a gear to maximise fuel economy.

What is an automated manual gearbox? The automated manual gearbox fitted to the 1.4ltr Honda Jazz enables you to select fully automatic mode, where the gear changes are made automatically, or manual mode. The automated manual gearbox in the Honda Jazz is called I-Shift and also features Hill Start Assist (HSA) which helps prevent the car from rollin backwards when pulling away. This little feature has great practical benefits for new and less experienced drivers.

Honda Jazz Safety:
The new Honda Jazz has a five star rating from Euro NCAP. The Honda Jazz has driver, passenger and side impact air bags as standard making it a very safe place to be. The front passenger airbag can be temporarily disabled while carrying small children in the front seats. The seatbelts have pre-tensioners and there are active headrests which automatically move forwards to support your head in the event of the car being hit from behind. All cars get Vehicle Stability Assist, Electronic brake force distribution and Anti-lock brakes (ABS)

Honda Jazz Equipment
The 1.2ltr cars are available in S and SE trim levels. Even the entry level models get remote keyless door entry, front electric windows and stereo with MP3 connection.

The 1.4ltr cars are available in ES and Ex trim levels. If you're looking for a fully-loaded car then look no further than the Ex spec with cruise control; rain sensing wipers; front foglights; privacy glass; panoramic glass roof; heated and retractable door mirrors; automatic climate control and stereo CD player with MP3 compatibilty and USB socket for your iPOD.

'T' suffix models are also available with DVD Sat Nav and integrated bluetooth handsfree car kit.

Honda Jazz Storage Space
Small cars have come a long way forwards recently in packaging design to maximise storage space and the Honda Jazz is no exception. The boot features a two-tier storage area with cargo nets and rear seats which fold flat. The front passenger seat can be folded out of the way also so that long items can be fitted into the wide openening boot.

Honda Jazz Security
All cars get an immobilizer and deadlocks on the doors as standard.

Honda Jazz Size
The Honda Jazz is just 3.9M long and just over 2M wide including the door mirros, with the mirros folded the width reduces to 1695mm ideal if your garage is a bit on the small side.

Honda Jazz Running costs:
Small cars are about low running costs and the Honda Jazz is no exception with CO2 emmissions ranging between 125 and 130g/km across the range. In the real world this means a car with a range of 62miles on one gallon of fuel based on leisurely motorway driving. Honda has produced a quality product and as usual with Honda's the Honda Jazz has an excellent reliability record. Insurance group starts at group 4E.

Honda Jazz Alternatives:
Looking at the used car adverts theres plenty of used Honda Jazz cars available from main dealers, independants and private sellers. The car has been around for a while now so used Honda Jazz prices can start quite low and makes for an affordable car for new drivers. As an alternative, take a look at the mighty new Ford Fiesta. It's a car with style and is selling like hot cakes at the moment. Also check out the new Volkswagen Polo or Hyundai i20.

A used Honda Jazz represents a great buy and with its great reliability levels, higher-mileage cars represent a bargain.

More Photos

Honda S2000 sports car

Honda S2000 sports car
The Honda S2000 is a two-door sports car manufactured by the Japanese automobile manufacturer, Honda, between 1999 and 2009. The S2000 was created to celebrate the manufacturers 50th anniversary. This article provides some information about the Honda S2000, its history, changes to specification and why you might want to buy one.

At the heart of all Honda automobiles are their engines and the engine designed for the Honda S2000 is a very special one indeed. Created using lightweight materials, the engine in the early Honda S2000 sport scars are capable of revving up to 9000rpm, producing around 240hp. The early cars used a 1997cc engine mounted front-mid for optimum weight distribution. The VTEC unit in the Honda S2000 means that below 6000rpm the car is quite docile while driving through town but once you get above 6k the car springs to life with an eagerness to head to the red line as quick as possible. In S2000 terms this means a 0-60 sprint in around 6 seconds! The engine is mated to a manual gearbox with no option for automatic.

The Honda S2000 sports cars are available with two designs. The AP1 chassis was introduced in 1999 and ran until 2004 when the AP2 design started manufacture.

The AP1 Honda S2000 had remote central locking, airbags, cassette radio entertainment system and an immobilizer. From 2002 the model benefited from a heated rear screen and 2004 models were available in GT spec with hard top. From 2004 the car has heated mirrors, LED tail lights and an upgraded alarm system.
The AP2 Honda S2000 has remote central locking, airbags, electronic brake force distribution and ABS as standard on the later models.

If you buy a S2000 then you’ll be pleased with the array options which come as standard on a Honda S2000. The S2000 has leather seats available in a variety of colours including some two-tone shades.

From 2004 the GT specification comes with a hardtop as well as the folding roof to help keep you warm in the winter months. The hardtop has a glass heated rear screen.

Of course, all manufacturers produce a list of optional extras for your car and the S2000 benefits from an optional spoiler for extra racy looks, front and rear protectors and extra speakers for the hifi.

The Honda S2000 is available in Berlina Black, Moon rock metallic grey, Silverstone Metallic Silver, Lime Green Metallic; Royal Navy Blue Pearl; Neuburgring Blue Metallic; New Formula Red; Monza Red Pearl; Imola Orange Pearl and New Indy Yellow Pearl. Popular colours for the Honda S2000 are the Neuburgring Blue, Moon rock and Silverstone metallic silver colours. Inside the cockpit, the leather seats are available in Red, Black and Tan, or blue for the Neuburgring coloured cars. Two-tone red-black seats are also available.

The Honda S2000 is approximately 4100mm long by 1750mm wide.

Running costs:
If your looking for a low cost runabout then you probably should be looking elsewhere. That nippy engine earns the Honda S2000 an insurance group 20 quote! Take it steady on the motorway and you could get upto 35mpg though combined cycle will get more like 28mpg. Also road tax could quite easily be between £200-£400 at time of writing. Servicing costs aren’t too bad

The Honda S2000 has been around for quite a long time now and there are many higher mileage cars around the £5k area. A good well cared for model can be had for around £8-10K for an AP1 spec or £12k plus for an AP2. Prices are representative at the time of writing. Honda has an excellent reputation for reliability so buying an older car shouldn’t represent too much of a risk when compared with other options.
Around at the same time as the Honda S2000 was the Mazda MX5 and Porsche Boxster 2-door open top sports cars. The little Mazda is a fun car to drive with an almost classical style and look dating back to cars of the 60’s. The Porsche boxster is a highly accomplished sports car at the lower end of the Porsche range.