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How to Tune Up Your Mazda - Mazda Tuning Tips

How to Tune Up Your Mazda - Mazda Tuning TipsThe time has come to service your Mazda, and like any responsible car owner, you would like to do a good job and keep your car in tip top condition. This is a very good idea because if you ever come to sell your car one day, at least you can say that you loved and cared for it. As is normal with cars, they all come in different shapes and sizes, and their engine capacity also varies. One of the pluses of keeping your Mazda in good condition is that it prolongs the life of your car, protects the engine and helps with fuel economy.

There are a couple of tune up checks that you can perform yourself on your Mazda. When you open the bonnet, you can have a look and see that the radiator hose and the heater hose are not leaking. More serious problems like if they are soft and floppy or hard and swollen, you need a mechanic as both of these indicate a more serious problem. In the engine a big valve cover needs to be checked quite often. This is the cylinder head, which protects the engine from oil spills. The newer Mazda models now use a 'serpentine-belt system' which is adjusted by mechanics. If this mechanism is too tight, you will have problems - talk to your local friendly service station for advice.

Normally the engine cap and rotor do not need much servicing, but with a car, nothing should be taken for granted. An experienced mechanic will check these parts and replace spark plugs and air filters as part of a routine service, especially if your engine light has been on in your electronic control panel.

If your brakes have been squeaking, this could mean that your brake pads are worn out and need to be replaced. It could also be an indication that the brake callipers are out of line, or the drums of the brakes could have problems. This sort of thing needs to be checked out professionally at once, as it is unsafe to drive a vehicle with noisy brakes. Always make sure that you keep your eye on the temperature gauge of your Mazda. This is an easy indicator of problems in your radiator. The temperature gauge should normally hover just under half, but if it moves higher or right into the red area, drive straight to a service station. It could be something simple such as adding water to the radiator, or there could be a leak in your radiator. Your car should not be driven when the temperature gauge is in the red.

Your control panel has various lights that come on when a problem is experienced in that area of the car. So, when your oil light switches on, go to a service centre and check the oil levels. You can do this very simple procedure completely on your own! If you ignore it, you can end up with having to replace the entire engine - a very expensive exercise. If you notice that your car is constantly pulling to one side, there is a problem with the tyres - either they are worn on that side or your wheel alignment is out. This is simple to fix.

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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

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Nissan Juke, Fun in a Compact

Nissan Juke, Fun in a CompactBy Carolyn Clayton

The Nissan Juke has really caught on with its innovative style and concept and looks like it will get off to a flying start. The Juke is being produced in Sunderland on the old Nissan Micra line and has already received over 1,200 advanced orders. There have been more than 1000 jobs created due to the production of the Juke and it is estimated that a further 2000 jobs will be created across Nissan in general as a result of the production of this model.

The Juke is a compact version of the Qashqai, already the fifth most popular car in the UK but it has a particular quirkiness to its design. Very busy, lost of curves and accents and has a feel of the vintage car about it. As visually appealing as the outside is, the interior is an example of understated elegance; its innovative central console and stylish interior. The mid-range models come equipped with the Nissan Dynamic Control Centre with push button technology and a touch screen that aims to make car entertainment as convenient as possible.

Nissan have fitted the Juke with a punchy 1.6 litre engine and with its 4X4 wheel drive it provides an excellent and agile performance. You can accelerate from zero to 60mph in less than 8.5 seconds and the car offers you 37.5mpg but does produce around 175g/km of CO2.

The OTR basic model comes in at 12,795 and you will find that there are still a lot of extras as standard, even at the entry level. Alloy wheels, six airbags, air-conditioning, ESP and remote locking. By laying out a little extra money you can quickly obtain the car of your dreams; with extras such as Bluetooth, dynamic dashboard and climate control making it well worth the additional money.

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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Ford Fiesta Falls Off Top Spot

By Lucy Penn

After months of dominating the number one spot in the new car sales lists the Fiesta has now been knocked off the top spot by the Focus.

It's the first time the Fiesta has been displaced this year - and it hasn't just been pushed down to second place - it's now sitting in the third spot as the Vauxhall Astra has jumped up a position to occupy second place. So Ford's 1-2 domination has finally been broken by their rival car brand - the Astra has had an exceptional year though.

Many of these new car sales have been attributed to the Scrappage Scheme - however the scheme has now come to an end and as most vehicles have been delivered. In total the scheme was responsible for 2.7 per cent of the total number of new vehicle sales.

When looking at the 2010 May sales compared to the 2008 May sales it's evident that they are down by 15 per cent which equates to around 26,000 sales.

It was suggested that the general interest in the supermini or city-car sector had cooled in general. These small, fuel-efficient cars are the exact models which did so well under the scrappage scheme as motorists discovered the great savings that could be made under the government-funded scheme.

Now the scheme has ended its highly likely that the sales of these cars will decline - it was these types of cars that carried such high discounts.

The next few months will be very interesting - and experts will be eagerly anticipating the effects of life after the Scrappage Scheme.

Lucy Penn is an online marketer and researcher who is currently researching the Ford Fiesta Billericay

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2010 Mazda CX-9 - Review

2010 Mazda CX-9 - ReviewBy Ray B Spencer

When shopping for a new vehicle, ensuring the auto comes with desirable amenities is a priority, but it's vital not to overlook the fundamental issue of safety. You'll want to ensure your vehicle is equipped with everything possible to enhance your driving experience. That is why reading reviews and gaining knowledge on your next potential automobile should be crucial in determining your purchase.

In considering the 2010 Mazda CX-9, it's important to note that this is a large model SUV and considered to be afford ably priced at anywhere from $28,000-$35,000. The vehicle's engine - a 273-horsepower 3.7-liter DOC V6 - is Mazda's largest ever made. Also known as an CUV, this is a full sized crossover with decent fuel efficiency. The fact that premium fuel is not a requirement is an additional bonus.

Options for this vehicle's trimming does include three varieties: Sport, Touring and Grand Touring, each with specific features exclusive to its classification. Another option to select from is all-wheel drive. Alternately, you may select the front wheel drive which comes standard.

For those with large families, the roomy seating can accommodate up to seven adults with a little maneuvering of middle row adjustments. Intended to ensure ample amount of leg room as well as lavish pampering for all passengers, the CX-9 boasts a luxurious interior.

Examining the functional and luxury additions, you'll find enough to please most everyone in the family. Hands-free Bluetooth capabilities offers a functional bonus. For music lovers, the Bose Centerpoint Surround Sound music system features the ultimate in car stereo pleasure. The system boasts eleven speakers of brilliantly designed surround sound.

Ensuring a quality safety system, the air bags provide protection for every passenger, with front airbags and side air curtains. Rollovers are typically a major concern with many SUV owners. In the event of such an accident, safety issues are greatly reduced with this model. The rollover protection provided by the side impact air curtains is an essential feature for many perspective buyers.

As with any vehicle however, this model doesn't come without a few flaws according to those who have carefully done their homework. Some reviews frown upon the fact that it is lacking in features, such as GPS navigation which is only available on two of the trims. Also noted in some consumer reports is a lack of pickup, although at 273 horsepower that complaint seems unwarranted.

Interesting to note, there is not a lot of cargo room for storage, due to the extensive seating area. A compromise for sure, although it may be a matter of which option is more desirable to suit ones needs.

Many consumers love the CX-9's classy curved appearance, stating that it has a more stylish design than a comparably sized mini-van. Reviews state this model resembles a very large car rather than a typical crossover, which makes it a popular choice. Not only have drivers voiced their opinions unequivocally in favor of its refined elegance, they have rated the CX-9 a favorite of the year.

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Ford's New Models Are Out Soon!

Ford's New Models Are Out Soon!
By Lucy Penn

The long-awaited launch of the new Ford C-Max is almost upon us. The hotly anticipated Ford C-Max will hit Ford dealerships across the UK in October - so they are just one month away!

Ford have made picking a model and trim level even easier as they've simplified the selection. You can now pick from just two body styles and a smaller range of trim levels. The body styles consist of a 5-seater and a 7-seater. The latter of these two will be hotly anticipated by the country's motorists as two-thirds of UK motorists in this segment look for seven-seat flexibility.

The seven-seater model will be known as the Grand C-MAX and rear-sliding doors mean that passengers can benefit from easy access to the rear seats.

Both models come equipped with trendy alloy wheels, air conditioning and a sophisticated leather steering wheel as well as a digital radio/CD, Bluetooth and rear parking sensors.

The two Trim levels that are going to be available are going to be called 'Zetec' and 'Titanium' - I'm sure you'll be able to read far more about this on Ford dealer's websites!

Family cars have undergone a lot of change throughout the years. Lone gone are the days when car manufacturers would barely consult a designer as they focussed primarily on practicality.

Nowadays you'll find an influx of family cars that have hit showrooms that are very much focussed on design as well as practicality too. Citroen led the way and now many other car manufacturers are having to follow!

Lucy Penn is an online marketer currently researching ford c-max kent