Sunday, 26 September 2010

Honda Civic Carbon Fiber Hoods

By John Rory

The Honda Civic 92-95 is a great car, so any choices, Hatch Back, Ferio, Coupe, a huge variety of engine swaps. Make your FWD beast a killer civic with a SEIBON carbon hood or a carbon trunk. Many stores sell cf hatches for the civic EG hatch back, upper and lower.

Long gone are the day or crazy body kits, huge front bumpers, wild side skirts and aggressive rear bumpers, but SEIBON carbon fiber hoods seems to have made it's permanent mark in the automotive scene, now OEM manufacturers are adopting the use of carbon components throughout their cars. The Civic EG 92-95 looks great with a carbon lip, carbon oem hood and carbon fiber hatch. You can even go to the extreme with cf fenders and doors.

There are too many hoods to list, but they range in styles, from light weight OEM to vented styles. Many vented styles EVO, VSII, Invader and more.

Definitely check out Google's Civic section if you own a 92-95 Civic, you can find rare carbon kevlar hoods and other parts which look awesome on a black or bronze Honda Civic. Some websites have a massive selection of composite parts, including hoods, fenders, body kits, lips, side skirts and even hatches.

The insane amount of after-market parts available for the Honda Civic EG makes part hunting almost impossible without a website that offers good navigation. Many automotive websites offer just that, excellent product navigation for the Honda Civic 92-95 EG, sortable by categories like Honda Civic Carbon Fiber Hoods.

Import tuners are very happy when they purchase SEIBON carbon fiber hoods, it's a very popular brand with great quality. SEIBON is an excellent choice, especially for the Honda Civic 92-95. VIS Racing Sports also has quite a large selection of hoods, fenders and trunks for the same car, so it's definitely worth the time to browse their large selection of products on eBay as well as AIT racing parts. If you can't find the Honda Civic part you're looking for then perhaps a company can custom make it for you.

You're probably seen these products on many website like autobuzz back in the day or 935draggers, you can also see them on many of the popular automotive car show websites featuring the pictures from Hot Import Nights or other shows here in Southern California or Florida.

Check out our S2000 Carbon Fiber Hoods FAQ Page for more information about carbon hoods for your car.

Porsche 997 Techart Turbo Vs. Honda Civic 1.6 Turbo

Street Cars DragRacing Porsche 997 Techart Turbo Vs. Honda Civic 1.6 Turbo

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

New Fiat Idea - Modern and Elegant With a Strong Personality

New Fiat Idea - Modern and Elegant With a Strong PersonalityBy Timothy Marian

Fiat Auto Argentina launched the new Fiat Idea. The new exterior design makes a car a strong personality, much more modern, dynamic and elegant. It has a new hood, grille and bumper. The hood became more refined, with curves and folds flat well defined. The bumper is more encompassing and robust and at the same time, the grid was refined. What is most striking are the new headlights poly double parabolic -elliptic to provide a better light distribution and excellent uniformity, with an increase of 25 % in terms of brightness. Now they are larger and are more inclined, with format similar to that of a triangle with rounded corners bent. Big changes are also verified in the rear. The gate - with integrated spoiler - and back glass are new and fit perfectly with the identity of the model, dynamic lines and surfaces better defined. The rear bumper, which brings the vehicle patent stamped follows the shape of the front and in harmony with his lines, gives strength and modernity Idea.

An important development is the rear lights incorporating innovative technology: the LED lighting system and light guides. It is the first time a segment model incorporates such lights. Innovative is also the aesthetic finish of the rear light, masked in opaque material. LEDs installed in the optics, produce a distinct visual effect when the position of the car lights are lit and light guides are illuminated. The sides are many new front fenders and chrome trim, depending on the version. A nice touch that helps define the harmonic levels of the vehicle.

The external mirrors are larger, improving visibility and providing safety. light alloy wheels, cup wheel and door handles are also new. Sporting the new version, like version Adventure, gained exclusive details. For the Sporting created a set of stylistic elements, with a more seductive and sports. Includes side skirts, spoilers front and rear spoiler and wheels unique design, as well as the headlights and rear light with black mask. The Adventure version, meanwhile, has bumpers and lights and fender- specific side, giving it a robust character - appropriate to their usage profile. The spare tire is exposed, covered and protected by a shield that was developed for this new idea.

New Fiat Idea - Modern and Elegant With a Strong PersonalityInterior

The interior also was refurbished. The front seats are now more enveloping, providing the driver a better driving position. The lining of the seats may be leather, bringing central armrest, plus add a small table behind the passenger seat. The seats also won new differentiated tissues for each version and the adoption of technology " embossed ", which applies shapes and embossed design, it even richer. The steering wheel is also new. Its modern design with a touch of sportiness, driving comfort provides both a visually pleasing image.

Functionality is another important aspect of the carrier. Slides prepared in strategic locations cleverly exploit the internal space. It highlights the overhead console with four slides and watch the back seat mirror, unique item in the segment, standard on all versions. Attractive and Essence versions of the new Fiat Idea have dashboard with white illumination. Modern and easier to read, brings speedometer, tachometer, markers gradual fuel level and water temperature and a display with clock, odometer, computer board and My Car Fiat.

Optionally, the Essence versions can be equipped with a more complete instrument panel, which brings information from the onboard computer level B, radio, calendar and external temperature. For the Fiat Idea Sporting it created a unique instrument panel with white light and registration "Sporting", which displays a complete set of information: speedometer, tachometer, markers gradual fuel level and temperature of water, to computers board A and B, odometer, clock, radio, calendar and display the external temperature. The Adventure version also has a distinct instrument panel with exclusive silkscreen and brings the same information as the Fiat Idea Sporting panel.

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Seat Ibiza ST Roadtest

The Ferrari F430 - Beauty and Performance in One Classic Machine

The Ferrari F430By Jamie Vanderhorst

A legend, a masterpiece of automotive engineering, designed for absolute top performance, and styled with such classic lines it is virtually a piece of art. This is the Ferrari F430. Find a Ferrari F430 for sale, and you have found a ultra high performance work of art you will be proud to own, envied for owning, and thrilled to drive.

Produced by Ferrari from 2004 until is was replaced with the Ferrari 458 Italia in 2009, the F430 was a solid performer and continued the Ferrari legend. This beautiful car was designed to be ultra stylish with its beautiful curves and highly aerodynamic lines.

It boasts a 4.3 liter V8 engine which is a combined Ferrari/Maserati design, which gives the F430 an amazing 483hp, and a top speed of 196mph.

This mid rear engine, rear wheel drive beauty is mounted on a 102.4 in wheelbase, with an over all length of 177.6 inches, and weighs in at 3,197lbs. Ready to run as you work through the 6 speed manual transmission. It was also made with a 6-speed 'F1' electrohydraulic manual transmission for pure performance.

The design of the F430 was made to provide not only classic styling, but improved downdraft for greater handeling performance and road hugging ability. Find a Ferrari f340 for sale, and you will be looking at a chance to purchase a automotive classic, with all the performance that makes Ferrari a legend. Original MSRP pricing for the F430 was between $168,000 and $227,000.

The F430 was a leader in performance and innovations. It came equipped with E-Diff, which was a computer controlled differential which could vary the distribution of engine torque based on the cars acceleration and steering position. This was a a industry innovation, and the first of its kind ever used.

The F430 also came with a steering wheel mounted electronic stability system with which the driver can set the stability settings of the vehicle using one of five performance settings. The Ferrari F430 also came equipped with the exclusive Eagle F1 Goodyear tires, which feature run-flat capability and One Tred Technology.

The Ferrari F430 came in two model, the standard two door hardtop, and the Spider, which is the convertible version. As with all Ferrari automobiles, slip into the drivers seat and you feel like you are sliding into the cockpit of a high performance race car or aircraft. The sleek and classic dashboard offers aircraft styled instrumentation.

The F430 also featured key less entry, leather seating, power windows and door locks, an anti-theft system, and a superb ABS anti-locking braking system. If you love high performance, classic and timeless styling, and the performance only Ferrari can provide, then this is a car for you. Find a Ferrari F430 for sale, and you have found a timeless classic.

Jamie Vanderhorst has been covering the auto industry for the last 10 years, working as a professional automotive writer. One of his favourite cars is the Ferrari F430. View his favorite used cars for sale here.

The 2011 Jaguar XJ Is Improved And Better Than Ever

The 2011 Jaguar XJ Is Improved And Better Than EverBy Jacqueline Star

Sales in the automotive market have been down lately and Jaguar's sales weren't any different. Also, it didn't help that their lineup has remained unchanged for the past few years. However, with Jaguar's flagship vehicle receiving a new look inside and out for 2011 that is all about to change.

Often cars in the luxury market will be quite similar but the intention of the 2011 Jaguar XJ is to entice customers with something that is a bit different. And the new XJ looks downright sinister. This four door sedan sports 20in. rims and has a super powerful v8 engine.

Cosmetic changes were also made. The glass line has been altered and extended with the rear sloping down to meet the trunk. The roof looks much lower almost like the car has been chopped. The Jaguar looks like it has one unbroken large piece of tinted side glass.

You can choose from numerous different variations for the wheel base and type of engines. The XJ version has the shorter 119in. wheel base and the XJL (L for large) has a wheel base of 244 inches. The very base model checks in at $72,500 with a DOHC 5-liter V-8 motor that produces 385 hp 385 lb. ft. of torque. The top of the line buys you a supercharged version of the engine cranking out 510 hp and 461 lb. ft. or torque, it also gets you the larger wheel base. Price for everything is $115k for this: the super sport model.

Engineers installed a very advanced suspension system which is comprised of continuously variable dampeners. The body though has been made 11% stiffer over last year's model. The curb weight is just over 4,000 lbs., which in the world of luxury cars is not very heavy. This allows the XJ to perform just as well as autos much smaller in size.

When it comes to speed the XJ leaves everyone else in the dust. This car can effortlessly race to 0-60 MPH in 4.4 seconds with the quarter mile zooming by in 12.7 seconds. Faster than a Camaro SS or Mustang GT which consider themselves drag strip bruisers. Fuel economy checks in at 16 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the highway for the smaller engine and 15 mpg city 21 mpg highway for the 510 hp version. The Jaguar has an electronically controlled rear differential to put the power down. The cabin epitomizes fine living and ultimate luxury with its fabulous leather, beautiful wood trim and ample accessories. The gauges grow bright where the needle is and the XJ has a sport mode. The sound system of the XJ is also incredible and offers crystal clear sound for your driving enjoyment.

If you are looking for a luxury car that packs a punch then check out the 2011 Jaguar XJ. This is a car that offers all of the amenities of a luxury car, but it can still outrace cars like the Mustang GT!

Written by Jacqueline Star Orange County Ford, Los Angeles Infiniti

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The E90 BMW M3 - Can it Live Up to the M3 Badge?

The E90 BMW M3 - Can it Live Up to the M3 Badge?By Jo Alexander

The BMW M3 has always been an iconic road car, that offers high performance and handling, all wrapped up in the subtle body shell of the BMW 3 series. With the launch of the very latest M3, known as the E90, BMW is hoping to further strengthen the reputation of this well known brand.

The original BMW M3, called the E30, was launched way back in 1986 and really set the standard by which all other sports saloons would be judged. This first model had a 2.3 litre 4 cylinder engine, however to keep pace with its other German rivals, in the shape of Audi and Mercedes Benz, engine capacity has steadily increased leading to the all new 4 litre V8 that is found in the E90.

For many years the BMW M3 could easily lay claim to the title of best sports saloon, however with the launch of the new Audi RS4 and Mercedes C63 AMG this claim is not so easily assured. Especially as Lexus has now joined the fray and surprised everyone with its all new, and very capable IS-F.

Initial the E90 M3 was first released as a two door coupe, which strictly speaking was called the E92, and came with the new V8 engine, a carbon fibre roof and the option of a six speed double clutch gear box that could beat the manual in the race to 60 by 0.2 seconds.

The coupe M3 was then soon followed by a four door saloon which, whilst lacking a carbon fibre roof, was shorter, wider and taller that the 2 door, and both models share the same front end design including spoiler, indicators and front car lights. This was later accompanied by a hardtop convertible, which was a move away from the fabric roofs seen on previous generation M3's.

In the performance stakes the new M3 certainly has the power to keep up with its rivals with the V8 engine cracking the magic 100bhp per litre figure and producing 414bhp in total, with an incredible rev range that red lines at 8,300rpm. No matter which body style you go for all versions are electronically limited to 155mph, however in the sprint 60 the coupe leads the way at 4.5 seconds, followed by the saloon at 4.7 seconds and the considerably heavier convertible at 5.3 seconds.

There is no doubt that this very latest M3 moves the sports saloon game on further, and it still has the pace, handling and driver feedback to see off the competition from Audi, Mercedes and Lexus, although their deficit on the E90 is certainly not as much as it used to be. However more tellingly, despite the increased power, grip and driver aids some of the pure driver enjoyment of the original M3 may have been lost, especially when Evo magazine ranked the original E30 M3 above all its contemporaries, including the new E90.

With this latest version of the E90 M3, BMW has really pushed the performance envelope for sports saloon car further than ever. Whilst not every car can have the performance of the new M3, you can make sure your car stands out from the crowd by upgrading your Car Bulbs By replacing your the standard halogen bulbs used in your vehicle's headlights with new xenon Headlight Bulbs your are sure to get some admiring looks.

New Safety Features For Nissan

By Dennis J James

Nissan and Infiniti cars are equipped with two new safety technologies, Forward Collision Avoidance Assist Concept and Moving Object Detection.

The first one helps the driver to avoid hitting a vehicle by reducing the risk of sudden braking. A radar sensor monitors the distance from the car in front and its relative speed. If deceleration is required, the driver is alerted through a screen display and sound. Then a force is generated that pushes the accelerator pedal and applies partial breaking, assisting the driver to slow the car down. If there is still a possibility of collision, the system applies harder braking while at the same time tightens the seatbelt of the driver.

The second system is available with other auto makers, but the version offered by Nissan offers supplementary information to the driver when he starts the car or drives at low speeds. The older version, Around View Monitor, was launched in October 2007 and was available on Infiniti EX and FX. It also uses screen display and an audio buzzer which informs the driver of moving objects that are close to the car, pedestrians included. It does so when you start the car, park it or when driving at low speed. This new feature could also be helpful in intersections with poor side visibility.

Several automakers are offering features that offer more awareness of their surroundings, and the systems are capable of higher performance if compared to the driver's abilities. Acura, Lexus, Ford or Mercedes-Benz have similar systems, but the new Nissan Forward Collision Avoidance Assist Concept takes things a step further. The Moving Object Detection uses a surround view camera system to notice any pedestrians or objects moving close to the vehicle. However, unlike similar systems on Volvo or Lexus, it only works for low speeds and does not apply brakes.

The new safety features will probably be available on Infinity next year. Nissan is not only offering improved safety feature on its vehicles. The electric Leaf has zero-emissions status, and the devotion towards electric vehicles seems to be greater than that of other car makers.

Improving emissions and increasing fuel economy is a goal for all the vehicles offered by Nissan. Next month, Nissan will launch the next generation XTRONIC CVT, continuously variable transmission. In the next few years, several hybrid models will be launched, among which Fuga Hybrid or Infiniti M35 Hybrid are the most interesting.

Use of low-displacement engines such as the HR12DE three cylinders and the HR15DE 1.5 liter is also planned for the future but also for the newly launched Juke.

Nissan Motor Co. is always trying to find ways to increase efficiency on its power trains in order to reduce carbon dioxide emission. The three and four cylinder gasoline engines offered in 2010 are examples of the company's green efforts. The company has a holistic approach on zero-emission which translated into a range of eco-technologies from which customers can choose. The commitment of this company to ongoing innovation has various facets and safety features are not the only domain in which you can notice it.

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