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The Pure Electric Audi E-tron Concept

The Pure Electric Audi E-tron ConceptBy Mat Webber Rushan

Audi's new concept the 2009 e-tron is a pure electric drive sports car. The 2009 e-tron concept runs on four motors, one each on all four wheels. The motors are powered by a lithium-ion battery that provides a stunning energy content of 42.4 kilowatt hours that runs for approximately 248 Km.


Its amazing how much of power the 2009 e-tron concept can produce; it produces 313hp(230kW) and 4500Nm of torque. These figures undoubtedly place the e-tron in the major list of sports cars in spite of its electronic nature. The designers of this car have managed to put the battery just behind the passenger cabin for the optimal center of gravity and load distribution.


The 2009 e-tron concept stands wide showing off its true caliber. The single frame grille shows what the Audi designers are capable of and the headlights will undoubtedly take your attention immediately. In addition to the stylishness of the headlights the technology that has been implemented is simply amazing: the lights change and adopt according to the weather conditions. To assist with the headlamps is a camera that works in line with a fast computer to detect oncoming traffic, measure lanes and visibilities.

Another unique design feature for the 2009 e-tron are the two intake vents in the single-frame grille and in front of the rear wheel wells; flaps open the vents as required providing more cooling air when needed.

It is crucial that electric cars are built with very light material, in this case Audi engineers have minimized the weight of this electric car systematically. The structure of the 2009 e-tron is based on Audi Space Frame (ASF) technology. the doors, covers, sidewalls and roof - are made of a fiber-reinforced plastic. With this combination of carbon fiber-reinforced composite material the cars total weight is only around 1,600 Kilos.


It is important to talk about the e-trons heat pump because this is the first time in automobile history that a heat pump is used. The primary goal of using this pump is to not use the power from batteries to heat the car. This heat pump is similar to pumps used in buildings that use minimum energy to effectively heat the car's interior.

Car-to-X Communication

The engineers did not forget safety, they have truly put their heads into this machine. The technical concept car consists of a prototype of an information processing system. The catchphrase "car-to-x communication" refers to the direct exchange of information in flowing traffic and to the traffic environment. This technology will revolutionize the networking of road traffic mainly in countries and regions with high level of traffic.

This car-to-x-network will take some time before it gets used in reality on roads. However almost all the car makers in Europe, U.SA and Japan has decided to set a common standard for the hardware and software, once all new cars are equipped with this technology, a serviceable network of automobile transmitters will then be available. These transmitters will help in opening up many practical applications to the automotive world.

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Sudden Acceleration in Rural Areas

Sudden Acceleration in Rural AreasBy David S Caldwell

Sudden acceleration has affected numerous automobiles, including millions of vehicles produced in the last ten years. Many drivers have witnessed their vehicles accelerate out of control for no visible reason. Sudden uncontrolled acceleration is extraordinarily dangerous regardless of where it occurs, whether in a city or in the country. Compared with the city, rural areas present a unique set of dangers.

While urban areas are dense with automobiles, rural highways can be far more desolate and unpopulated. Rush hour traffic on the interstate means being surrounded by hundreds upon hundreds of other vehicles. Uncontrolled acceleration in these conditions can result in massive accidents. On many rural highways, several minutes may pass before you encounter another vehicle.

Rural highways may have fewer vehicles, but accidents can prove deadlier than those in city traffic. A vehicle that has been involved in a collision may be an hour or more by ambulance to the nearest hospital. People who have been seriously injured might go unnoticed by the few passing vehicles for some time. In some places, victims may not even be able to use their mobile phones.

Even if an ambulance is dispatched it may be hours before that person can receive proper medical treatment. Rural hospitals serve fewer people and may not be able to take care of people who have suffered serious trauma. When they have stabilized a person who has suffered serious injuries, rural hospitals commonly transfer patients by helicopter to more sophisticated trauma wards in the city.

Toyota automobiles have recently been linked with sudden acceleration. Before taking a vehicle that may be prone to sudden acceleration through a rural area, owners of recent Toyotas should not put themselves at risk. Anyone who owns a recent-model Toyota, regardless of location, should bring their vehicle to the dealership as soon as possible for repairs.

David Caldwell

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BBC: Audi R8 Car Review vs Porsche 911 Carrera

Jeremy Clarkson reviews the new Audi R8 supercar and claims it to be one of the best supercars in the world - only to be interrupted by a competitive Richard Hammond in a Porsche 911. Which one is better - the Porsche 911 or the Audi R8? The only way to settle this argument is through a Top Gear special drag race! Who will win? Watch this clip in full to find out.

Ford Fiesta Zetec Car Review

Ford Fiesta Zetec Car ReviewBy Melissa Pye

Driver Comfort & Visibility

Overall the visibility in the Zetec is good. There are only 2 areas of slight concern for vertically challenged people like me (Entertainment

This is worth a mention. Not only can you control your choice of tunes with a button on the steering wheel, but you can connect just about any portable music player including a USB stick, MP3 player and iPod. The Zetec also has a small screen located in the centre of the dash showing you what is playing.


It's no good looking sexy in your car if you're not safe. The Fiesta has you covered. ABS with Electronic Brake Distribution and front passenger and driverairbags are standard across the range. The Zetec also has Dynamic Stability Control, Emergency Brake Assist and head, thorax and driver knee airbags as standard. You can opt for these additional safety features on the other models for a small $1,000, which is well worth it.

Rear Passenger Comfort

It's not a huge car, so the back seat will not sit 3 burly blokes comfortably. But at least their noggins won't hit the roof thanks to the more than generous head space. However, if you're shipping around kids or small dogs, then space is not an issue.


Some good storage options for a car of this size. There are front door pockets which will hold a bottle of water, a good sized glove box and a small coin holder on the right hand side of the steering wheel. In the rear you'll also find pockets on the back of the front and passenger seats. It's got 3 good drinks holders that are well positioned in between the driver and passenger seats.

The boot is not huge, but you will easily fit in a gym bag and some shopping with the rear seats in use. We popped in 2 overnight suitcases and 2 brief cases with ease. If you need even more space, just fold the rear seat down.

Green Factor

Plenty of green news here. It consumes about 6 litres per 100kms, has a greenhouse rating of 7.5 out of 10 and has been awarded 4 stars by the GreenVehicleGuide. Cheap to run and not too harsh on the environment.

The Drive

We took the cars for a spin in the Adelaide Hills to really test its road holding, acceleration and braking. The Fiesta loved the hairy turns and steep inclines. It performed incredibly well and was a very fun car to drive. One very clever feature is its speed sensitive steering called Electronic Power Assisted Steering (EPAS). Basically the steering is lighter when you're going slower, like parking, and it firms up when travelling at speed, which gives it a sporty feel.

What We Love About the Fiesta

Healthy list of safety features, great audio system, iPod and MP3 player compatibility, blue tooth technology (in the Zetec) and the seat trim. You've got a choice of 11 exterior colours with a stand out lime metallic. And yes, we do love its styling. It's sporty, cheeky and a little bit sexy!

Test Drive Tips

The indicators are located on the left hand side of the steering column, thanks to its European origins. Not so bad if it's raining, but on a dry day you'll feel a bit of a goose putting on your wipers each time you go to use your indicators!

If you are thinking about test driving this car, you might also want to consider the Hyundai Getz, Kia Rio, Toyota Yaris, Suzuki Swift and Holden Barina.

Melissa Pye is an Australian pioneering the way women are valued in the automotive industry and works with leading auto brands to educate them on the needs of women. Her site, Her Car, is the only site in Australia where all of the new car reviews are written by women! When buying a new car or if you need any automotive information look to HerCar.

Compact Car Reviews - Honda Civic Vs Honda Fit Vs Mini Cooper

Compact Car Reviews - Honda Civic Vs Honda Fit Vs Mini CooperBy Mike R Hampton

A lot of compact cars in the past years have been upgrading their cars and what better comfort they can give to the buyers is what brings them their boost in sale. Let me give you a few reviews on a few compact cars. Let me start with the Honda Civic. We can say that the Honda Civic has consistently great reviews with the comfortable interior, overall long- term reliability and the ride quality, which a lot of people say that it is quite fun to drive. It also has excellent fuel economy. The Honda Civic Si Model is known to accelerate quite well. It also has a strong resale value and have good safety ratings as well.

The only thing that doesn't fare well with the Honda Civic is that the well-equipped version is quite expensive. There is also a limited availability of some options. It's also a firm ride; due to the fact that some find it jarring in rough roads and the road noise can be heard from the inside.

The Honda Fit on the other hand, is the most highly regarded compact car in reviews. It is quite fun to ride on just as well as the Honda Civic. The handling is quite sporty and you get excellent fuel economy as well. The interior is well designed and flexible. It also has also good crash test results. This car though is not as affordable than most competitors. It's also has a leisurely acceleration with automatic. Like the Honda Civic it also has a firm ride and the road and engine noise can be heard.

Another car I'd like to point in your direction is the sporty compact car, which is the Mini Cooper. If you want an attractive and retro style car then this one is for you. It is very fun to drive this car and the handling is sporty just like the Honda Fit. It has a powerful, optional turbo engine and it also has excellent resale value.

It isn't that comfortable though. You get stiff, choppy ride when you are driving the Cooper. The interior is very tight and the rear seat is quite small, which would prove to be very uncomfortable. The cargo space is quite small as well. The dashboard control ergonomics and the options boost up the cost real fast. The Mini Cooper Clubman's rear doors actually obstruct rear visibility as well.

Mike has been working on cars and trucks since he got his first Olds 442 in the early 70's. Since then he was worked on many vehicles and is deeply interested in electronics and the new computer controls of todays vehicles. While it might seem they are limiting the DIY'r he thinks just the opposite. With the right OBDII Code Reader and Haynes repair Manual you can do far more than the days of screwdrivers and timing lights.

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Online Car Auctions - Best Tips to Find Your Dream Car in the Online Auctions at Dirt Cheap Prices

Online Car Auctions - Best Tips to Find Your Dream Car in the Online Auctions at Dirt Cheap Prices
By Francis Desilva

If you are planning to buy cheap used cars then you must think about the option of using online car auction websites. These websites provide you the opportunity of accessing the information about ongoing auctions across the country and provides you the chance of bidding for your favorite cars at the comfort of your home. Read further to discover the best way to get your dream luxury cars at dirt cheap prices at these online auctions.

Gone are those days of buying used cars in a traditional way. Now many people across the world are taking help of online auction websites which provides the information of all the latest ongoing government auctions in all the states at the same time. You can find variety of luxury cars at these government auctions from Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW to Cadillac, Acura and many other latest models.

There are some things which you need to remember like:

1) Verifying the authenticity of auction websites: There are very few legitimate websites which provides the real time updated information about all the ongoing car auctions. There are few government vehicle auctions websites which are considered to be legitimate and provides all the required information about the latest car auctions.

2) Check the terms and conditions: There are some websites which do not provide any money back guarantee. If you do not find the appropriate auctions then you are wasting your hard earned money. These websites charges a small fee to get access to their database. So you need to be thoroughly sure that these websites provides money back guarantee just in case you do not get satisfied results.

3) The information about the car models: There are variety of used luxury cars available in these types of auctions. The website provides all the latest information about the current state of these cars like information about accessories, mileage of the car, license information and other details. If these details are not available on the site then you need to find another website which provides all this data.

In my opinion, the government car auction websites are the best if you consider the above criteria. They provide all the necessary information and we can bid on any car from the comfort of our home. One more advantage of these websites is that very few people know about these sites. So you stand a very good chance to win your auction with minimum bid.

Want you favorite luxury car at dirt cheap price? Then join this best government online car auctions website today and win your car in few days. http://www.vbmarticles.com/online-car-auctions

The Compact 2010 Volvo XC70 T6 Turbo Engine

The Compact 2010 Volvo XC70 T6 Turbo EngineBy Ronnie W Tanner

Volvo's XC70 crossover SUV offers a choice of two six-cylinder engines for 2010. The base 3.2 AWD has a normally aspirated 3.2-liter engine, while the T6 AWD comes standard with a turbocharged 3.0-liter version.

Both engines are part of Volvo's SI6 (short-inline 6) family, launched in 2006. Thanks to its unusual accessory drive layout, which mounts the power steering pump and air conditioning compressor behind the engine, the SI6 is one of the world's most compact inline sixes; its overall length is within a few millimeters of Volvo's earlier inline five. Both SI6 engines have a variable-length intake manifold, 24 valves, and dual overhead camshafts, with variable lift and timing for the intake cam.

Volvo rates the base XC70's 3.2-liter engine at 235 horsepower and 236 lb-ft of torque. Although it is smooth and very quiet, many critics find its power and torque unimpressive in the heavy XC70, providing only average acceleration. Fuel economy is not outstanding, either. The EPA rates the 3.2 AWD at 16/22 city/highway, and Volvo recommends premium fuel.

The T6 AWD's 3.0-liter turbocharged engine is similar to the 3.2, but with a smaller bore and stroke and a lower compression ratio. The 3.0-liter engine features an intercooled twin-scroll turbocharger, with a separate exhaust inlet for each set of three cylinders. The twin-scroll arrangement allows the turbo to 'spool up' much more quickly than a conventional turbocharger, reducing lag. Volvo rates the 3.0-liter engine at 281 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque, and claims that it produces its maximum torque over a wide rev band, from 1,500 to 4,800 rpm. Reviewers say the turbocharged engine has almost no turbo lag, and it provides much stronger performance than its normally aspirated sibling. It is somewhat thirstier than the 3.2; EPA ratings are 16/21 city/highway, again on premium fuel.

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Mercedes S Class - A New Era in Car Production

Mercedes S Class - A New Era in Car Production By John Eva

Mercedes S Class is the newest of the sedan coupes to cause envy to the competition. Trying to seduce the up and coming business executives with this extremely beautiful sedan. Well, whether they succeed in gathering the age group they are seeking for business or not this is a sweet little automobile. With two trim packages and all sorts of optional extras this is an easily upgraded safe vehicle that also has reliability and durability of branding from the German makers.

This excellently built interior is not only stylish it is made for ease of use for the driver with incredible luxurious styling. The seats are stylish and comfortable, they feel like they are made to meld with your body as does the entire cockpit. The newest attraction added for those wanting to graduate from the want to be luxury class vehicles is the state of the art up to the minute system with the iPod or iPhone plug ins, navigation system, travel in style with a rock your world stereo and out of this universe sound quality.

Made for easy maneuvering around town to zip into parking spaces or easily park in a parallel spot this car is a dream to drive around town or on a long vacation. As with all of the Mercedes S class vehicles it is easy to see why this is indeed a special vehicle in a class all by itself. The quality construction of interior and exterior are nothing when you look under the hood. It has an unbelievable engine and transmission that will take you wherever you want to go in record time with style and grace only imagined by other automakers.

No matter where you are going in your career this car says you have arrived and look at me now. Anyone who ever aspired to be someone has to have this car. It screams, "I have arrived and I am a force to be reckoned with. Look at me now world". This is the luxury car you have always wanted and dreamed of. With a price tag of around 88,000 it is a statement that you have arrived in the world and you can be envied. Drive in style, drive with class and drive with confidence that the quality of the car will exceed even the highest expectations any driver might possibly have. Surround yourself with a choice vehicle.

When it comes to financing options you can count on several choices including purchasing, leasing and buyers choice. Financing the car with the recommended options from the Mercedes dealer is an excellent choice for the buyer who wants to get the best deal.

There is always the choice of utilizing a bank or credit union. As for other options there is leasing in one year to four years terms with various mileage options. This is a great deal for anyone interested in exchanging or upgrading to the latest newest vehicle every few years or someone who really doesn't take long trips or put a lot of mileage on a car during the course of a year.

Another option is to look into buyer's choice where the buyer turns the car in at the end of the term, or purchases it out right from the dealer or obtains financing from his own sources. This is a great option if you want to walk away free and clear at the end of a term without being upside down on a vehicle. Whatever way you want to own your vehicle the Mercedes S is an excellent vehicle to test drive and then fall for.

Written on behalf of Total Fleet Services by John Eva
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Watch Out! Ten Tips to Avoid Unsafe Motorists

Watch Out! Ten Tips to Avoid Unsafe MotoristsBy Nichole Luna

Any car wreck attorney can probably tell you plenty of stories of clients who knew something was wrong with the motorist who wrecked them them before it occurred. There are many times when people are on the road and a driver in the other lane or at an stoplight seems off. Sometimes it's obvious that they're drunk. They may be swerving, driving way too slow or too fast and so forth. In other instances, it's just obvious that they're not paying attention and that a wreck is imminent. There are some ways you can avoid these wreckless motorists. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. If someone accelerates up to a stop sign or stop light you are approaching, assume they are going to go past it. Never count on their brakes or their brains.

  2. Watch out for drivers who are rummaging around the seat or glove box. They don't see you.

  3. If a driver is obviously drunk, get out of their way. Pass if you have to or back off. Don't hesitate to call it in it in, either.

  4. Don't make obscene gestures or start arguments with other drivers. All drivers on the road are armed with a multi-ton battering ram.

  5. If someone is impelled to prevent you from merging or entering another lane, do not fight with them. Just let them get ahead and away from you.

  6. If another person is following too closely, let the person to pass. Slow down to make it easy for them.

  7. If someone is trying to harass you by tailgating, don't speed up to accommodate them. They'll just get even worse about it.

  8. Always turn off your blinker after you turn. Not doing so means drivers behind you willdisregard it if you turn again.

  9. Never go back to your home if you're being followed by an angry driver. Always go to a public place.

  10. If you are hit, call your car crash attorney before you call the insurance company, always.

Many car accident personal injury attorneys see clients who have been wronged and injured because of the carelessness of others. While some justice can be served by getting due compensation for pain, suffering and sometimes debilitating injuries, avoiding the wreck altogether is always the best move. If you've done everything you can, however, and the driver still slams into you, make sure that you know, and exercise, your rights. There's no rationality to suffer unjustly.

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