Thursday, 23 October 2008

How to Pimp your Ride for Halloween

Halloween is a fun time of year where lots of people enjoy dressing up as creepy ghoulish characters. Not only do people dress up but some even dress up their dogs in purposely bought pet Halloween outfits, no wonder then that this article is about pimping your ride Halloween style.

To keep your vehicle within the boundaries of the law, nothing should be added to the car that would impair vision, detract the driver’s attention or that would make your vehicle not road worthy.

Spooks for the parcel shelf
To make a spook for your parcel shelf you will need some kitchen towel tissue, PVA glue mixed with water (50% equal parts), a black marker pens and a potato and cocktail sticks to make a mould.

Stick the cocktail sticks into the potato to resemble arms. Drench a sheet of kitchen towel in the PVA mixture and then drape it on the mould and arrange it to look ghost like. Allow the paper towel to hang down to create a flat ‘stand’ for the ghost so that it will stand on the parcel shelf.

Allow the ghost to dry and then draw on eyes and a mouth.

Ghost for the Arial
You will need a polystyrene ball (any size you fancy) you can get these from good craft shops, some plain net curtaining or some white Muslim material, some clear thread or fishing line, and a marker pen.
With a pencil push a hole in the bottom of the polystyrene ball, and push it on to the Ariel, put some double sided sticky tape in the hole if it isn’t a snug fit.
Put the ball into the centre of the material and cover the ball up as though you were wrapping it. Tie some invisible threat around the material to keep it all tightly gathered around the ‘neck’ of the ghost.
With a needle threaded with some of the invisible thread, secure the threat to some of the material that hangs down from the ghost’s neck on the right, this is going to form a ghostly arm. Next put a stitch in the top of the ghosts head and draw the threat up to make the ghost look as if its arm is up. When it is at the right elevation, sew a few more stitched on the ghosts head on top of one another to secure it.
Now bring the thread down to the other ‘arm’ and in a similar way make a stitch in the arm and draw it up. Again secure with a couple of stitches on top of one another.
Draw evil eyes and a mouth on the ghost.

Spooky windows
Cut out pictures of witches on broomsticks and Jack-o-lanterns from old newspapers and blue tack them to the inside of the back seat side windows. Using Christmas window spray, spray the window and the newspaper. Leave to dry a little and then remove the newspaper to reveal a spooky Halloween scene.

Mummy bandages flapping out of the window.
Get a few assorted lengths of old bandages and tie them together at one end in a large knot. Let them hang out of the back seat side windows to flap about like mummy’s bandages.

A zombie arm trapped in the boot
You will need some old newspapers, PVA glue, poster paint, thin card, a length of cord and a sleeve from an old shirt.
Roll up some newspapers and stick together with sticky tape to form an arm shape with a hand and fingers. Cover in a couple of layers of newspaper and PVA glue.
Cut out finger nail shapes from some thin card, and stick them to the Zombie arm.
When the Zombie arm is completely dry, paint with poster paints.
Take your old shirt sleeve and rip the cuff off it and add a couple of rips going up the sleeve. Glue the top of the sleeve to the zombie arm. With scissors, make a hole through the top of the Zombie arm and push the cord through.
Use the cord to tie the arm securely in the boot of your car but allow the arm to dangle out as if a zombie was trapped in the boot.

Of course to make you feel really spooky you need to buy yourself a CD of spooky Halloween tracks. Go on, pimp your ride this Halloween.

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