Tuesday, 30 December 2008

What Makes a BMW Special?

By: Cyril Joseph

BMW is well known for its technology and design. The style and reliability of these BMW cars make them stand out from the rest. So what exactly makes BMW cars some of the most efficient and stylish on the planet?

The more efficient fuel injector:

You may be aware that horsepower and emissions are both influenced by the fuel injector. The horsepower of any vehicle should be maximized while emissions are minimized. In order to achieve this condition, a rapid burn of fuel is required. This is where the BMW technology excels. They have made a small needle-like valve that injects the fuel forcefully under great pressure into the intake port. The fuel is atomized together with oxygen in the air permitting the fuel to burn quickly and deliver the needed power for your BMW car. The fuel injection system contributes to the great horsepower available in BMW cars.

The BMW ignition coil

BMW engines work on the same principle of other conventional spark ignition engines. However, the spark produced by the spark plugs of a BMW requires a high-voltage electrical charge. This high voltage electrical charge is made available to the spark plugs with the help of the ignition coil. The high voltage spark plugs are used in BMWs to improve the starting performance (the engine can start instantly in any weather condition). The ignition coil operates on the induction principle. It takes power from the accumulator and transforms it into thousands of volts. This high voltage is indispensable for maximum efficiency of the spark plug. This type of ignition coil is the specialty of BMW technology.

The BMW thermostat

The thermostat used in a BMW is another significant part. This device is capable of both measuring and regulating the engine temperature of the car. In order to control the temperature the thermostat will constantly monitor the temperature changes in the Engine. This mechanism works to prevent engine damage due to overheating.

The BMW oxygen sensor

The BMW part that monitors the exhaust condition of the vehicle is the ‘Oxygen’ sensor. This measuring device provides data regarding the quality of the exhaust mix enabling the fuel injection computer to modify the air to fuel ratio to optimize performance. Necessary adjustments are made to ensure the efficient burning of fuel. The better the fuel burns the higher the performance of your BMW car.

All these BMW parts make them one of the most efficient cars in the planet.

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