Thursday, 29 January 2009

The New Jaguar XKR

Jaguar has unveiled at the 2009 NAIAS the new generation of the 2010 Jaguar XKR.

Jaguar XKR

Jaguar features the dual advantage of being the fastest car along with a very luxurious interior. Carefully revised exteriors take the seductive, elegant lines that define Jaguar's new design language and interpret them for a beautiful 2+2 sports car whose shape is even more taut, powerful and athletic. Evoking the essence of performance long before it moves, the new XK family shape is unmistakably 'new-school' sporting Jaguar: wholly contemporary, finely sculpted, efficiently packaged and precisely detailed.

Powered by basically the same engine as the XFR, the XKR is powered by a supercharged 5.0 litre V8 that puts out the same 510 horsepower and 460 lb/ft of torque. Although, that power plant is now in a sleeker, fairly lighter, grand touring package. Power is increased by 29 percent and torque by 25 percent.

All cars featured automatic gearboxes only, something that sports car purists have bemoaned, but the auto gearbox suited the relaxed Grand Tourer nature of the XKR perfectly. All this upgrading is done at the cost of a mere weight increase, about 154lb (70kg). So not surprisingly it’s the ultimate vehicle for high-tech speed.

Jaguar XKR

Fuel is delivered via twin, high-pressure fuel pumps that are driven via auxiliary shaft in the all-new engine block. Fuel efficiency stays the same for both models despite the increase in power. This is impressive given the XKR will handle 0-100km/h in 4.6 seconds, with the Portfolio following closely behind at 5.2 seconds.

Powerful and aggressive, wide shoulders, long front, just amazing. Jaguar did an amazing job blending power with class in with this style! Power is put down on the road with immense levels of grip. Few cars can match the speed with which the Jaguar XKR can cover the ground.

Immediately recognizable, the new XFR sports a new front-end design with revised chrome air intakes, ‘Supercharged’ bonnet louvers, four polished exhaust tailpipes, an aerodynamically functional boot lid spoiler and side sills, unique new 20-inch wheels and discreet ‘R’ badging.

Front cabin room is excellent, and the beefy seats can be electrically adjusted in every conceivable way, including lumbar and side-bolster support. The rear buckets, however, are extremely cramped, and an adult would find it uncomfortable for a long-distance journey. However, you don’t buy a car like this for rear seat space. The front seats are very comfortable and supportive. The cabin feels spacious and airy and all the controls are well thought out and positioned around the easy to use 7” touch screen.

Jaguar Cars have fought hard to attain an envious reputation for reliability in the premium sector and now regularly win awards for it, and with the aluminum chassis you are guaranteed never to see a patch of rust. Allied to the Servotronic steering system, which has also been tuned both mechanically and electronically to give the steering more weight and even greater response, the uprated suspension ensures confidence-inspiring handling without any loss in refinement and comfort levels.

Jaguar XKR

Jaguar's XKR convertible is a sophisticated, open-top, grand touring car that continues to exude the mystique of the storied British marquee while delivering all the refinement and comfort afforded by modern technology. The current XK Series, debuted for 2007, has a much stiffer chassis than the predecessor, which allowed the engineers to tune the suspension for excellent handling and still deliver a comfortable ride for everyday driving.

Jaguar also produced a concept car called the XKR-R which was very similar to the production XKR, but with a more powerful engine and improved handling. The naming convention is similar to that of the S-Type R special edition. Jaguar has created the Jaguar XKR as a vehicle that could stand out despite various environments. The vehicle has also been created to be swift and quick and has been designed to have a real good balance.

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