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Terry Nutkins buys a Mercedes SL500 Convertible

Terry Nutkins buys a Mercedes SL500 Convertible

The Grange Jaguar dealership in Brentwood had an exciting day this April when Mr. Terry Nutkins visited the dealership.

Terry Nukins is a well known wildlife television presenter and author who co-presented popular programs such as Animal Magic and The Really Wild Show and more recently Terry has been involved in the new show - My Life as an Animal.

Mark Butcher was the salesman who answered the phone when Terry rang the dealership.

"Terry was contacted by his son who first saw 'a car you'd be interested in Dad' on the internet. When Terry rang through I recognized his name and voice. After speaking for a while we arranged for him to come to the showroom in Brentwood. He was actually satying in Birmingham whilst work on a new pilot show for the BBC."

Mark was very excited at the prospect of meeting Terry having been fan of Animal Magic and The Really Wild Show as a youngster.

Terry was interested in, and later bought a Mercedes SL 500. He said that he already had a Mercedes Estate which was ideal as he has Sloopy and Twirley, the Black Labradors with him most of the time - but he wanted the SL 500 saloon because of its lines, and the look and shape of it. Terry described the SL 500 as one of the best made coupes ever.

It seems that Terry has always had the eye for a nice car, his first car being a green Ford Zephyr. Now a classic car and in its time it was seen to be quite racy and classy. The Ford Zephyr was manufactured by the Ford Between 1950 and 1962; it was sold as a more powerful six cylinder saloon to complement the four cylinder Ford Consul.

But Terry's motor powered love of his life was a maroon Jaguar 420G 1964. Terry explained that he bought this car when electric windows were first introduced and were considered a modern luxury innovation. He also recalled the smell of the luxurious leather seats.

The Jaguar Mark X (pronounced mark ten) 420G was the largest saloon car built by Jaguar, and was originally aimed at the United States market. Introduced in 1961, it long held the record for being the widest production Jaguar ever built. While in its home country of Britain it was considered an extremely large car, in the United States it was no more than average.

Terry has a liking for Jaguar cars, and said that he always wanted an E-Type Jaguar but it was never a very practical choice for his work needs or for his four legged companions, Sloopy and Twirley, who he likes to take everywhere. He explained that he would also like a Jaguar XK Coupe, another very sleek and stylish model.

Terry said that he had a very positive experience whilst visiting the Jaguar Brentwood dealership "They were all very professional and knowledgeable and I can't speak highly enough of everyone working at the dealership".

The team at Jaguar Brentwood also enjoyed the experience of having Terry Nutkins visiting the dealership. Mark said that he found Terry to be a "very friendly and jovial person, someone you would take to straight away" and he looks forward to helping Terry look for more unusual and quirky vehicles in the future.

Terry Nutkins buys a Mercedes SL500 Convertible

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