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So you think you know about Volvo?

So you think you know about Volvo?

So you think you know about Volvo – here is a quiz to find out who is the ultimate Volvo Guru. Some of the questions are easy, some a little more difficult. See how many of the questions you know the answers to.

1) What does Volvo Mean?

Answer: Volvo derives from the Latin 'I roll'.

2) What was Volvo's first car that went into production?

Answer: Volvo was founded by Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson, allegedly during a meal consisting of crayfish, in 1924. Their first car, the 1944cc Jakob, was in production by 1927.

3) Volvo to maintain production during World War two, what was Volvo's first post war car?

Answer: Volvo's first post-war car was the stylish PV444, which had been conceived in 1942 and featured independent front suspension and coil springs at the rear.

4) What year did Volvo produce its 10,000th car?

Answer: The first production milestone of 10,000 Volvo’s was reached in May 1932 and it was not long before Volvo dealers were asking the company to develop a more inexpensive car "for the people". This was the PV 51 model of 1936, similar to the more expensive PV36 in design, but smaller in size and less well equipped.

5) What year was Volvo's first Sports car the P1800 launched?

Answer: Volvo's first sports car was the P1800, unveiled in 1960. Considered to be an excellent touring car with it's sleek coupe lines, the P1800 went on to find fame in "The Saint" TV series with Roger Moore behind the wheel, much to the annoyance of the British Automobile Industry.

6) Which car was Volvo's first front wheel executive car?

A completely new and different Volvo was launched to the world in June 1991. The Volvo 850 was Volvo's first front wheel drive executive car, with a transverse, five-cylinder engine. Its high level of safety combined with real driving pleasure won the car many independent awards.

7) In 1993 Volvo was going to merge with another Car manufacturer, Which other manufacturer was this?

The proposed merger with Renault fell through in its final stages in 1993 leaving Volvo as one of the few remaining independent car manufacturers. This marked a key turn in the company's plans and paved the way for Volvo's new dynamic product strategy with the introduction in 1996 of the sleek and more rounded designs of the Volvo S40 and V40.

8) Why was the Volvo 144 such a significant car when it was launched?

In August of 1966 a new car model was presented. It was called the Volvo 144. In terms of safety, this car was extremely advanced. It had disc brakes all round, a split steering column and a new lock on the three-point safety belts. The body had energy-absorbing crumple zones at the front and rear. Even the door locks had a safety design.

The 144 also meant the introduction of a triangle-split dual-circuit brake system. The car had two brake circuits and, if one of them failed, 80% of braking effect was still available.

9) What was Volvo's first turbocharged car?

The first turbocharged car from the Volvo Car Corporation - The Volvo 240 Turbo with a B21 ET engine developing 155 hp was a true performance model with the sort of driving characteristics people expect of a sports car.

10) What year did Volvo introduce its first Bi-Fuel car?

1996 saw the introduction of the Volvo 850 Bi-Fuel. It was fitted with twin fuel systems, allowing it to be driven on either petrol or methane gas. This meant that it already satisfied the California emission legislation for the year 2000.

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