Thursday, 2 July 2009

The New Volvo S80 DRIVe

Their new DRIVe series of engines and cars have been made to be as fuel efficient as possible with improved aerodynamics and wheel technology to improve CO2 emissions and reduce road tax.

Car dealers are required to have a label showing the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of each different model on display, either on or near the vehicle. Fuel consumption figures will be expressed both in liters per 100 kilometers (l/100 km) and in miles per gallon (mpg). Car manufacturers like Volvo Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and many more continuously launch new car models and upgraded versions of existing cars to attract car buyers to buy new Greener cars with lower CO2 emissions.

Volvo Cars is introducing a new 2.4-litre 5-cylinder diesel engine in the Volvo S80. Sharing only the D5 badge and the five-cylinder configuration with the previous generation, the new engine is now Euro 5 compliant and is significantly more efficient than its predecessor. Its suspension settings were miles from finality, but the prototype did have four-wheel drive and the Yamaha-built V8 engine already seen in the most expensive XC90s.

The Volvo S80 also heralded the introduction of advanced new safety solutions such as inflatable curtains and built-in protection against neck injuries; Volvo's record on safety is second to none. Certainly, Volvo has built a reputation for solid engineering, reliability and excellent safety standards and has established itself among the top premium car manufacturers. The three core values of the Volvo brand 'define everything' that Volvo do now and will do in the future. Company motorists are a big target market as the four cylinder engines will enable drivers to get into a much larger more spacious car without the burden of inflated Benefit in Kind tax bills or high fuel costs. A typical 40% tax payer will pay just £158 per month for the 2.0D SE Volvo S80, falling to less than £90 per month for a 22% tax payer.

And whilst saving the planet and saving pennies is important, obviously you don't want to feel that you have traded off savings against quality and performance. After all, the comforting thought of saving the environment will wear off quickly if you are not driving a car which offers an enjoyable experience.

The V8 engine installation is certainly the biggest single news item about this car, but there's also a completely new 3.2-liter inline six-cylinder engine for those customers who don't want or need monster torque. The new six-cylinder, the largest inline-6 Volvo has ever built, is rated at 236 horsepower and 236 pound-feet of torque, great leaps above the old 2.9-liter engine. The S80 is an amazing car with exceptional ride comfort and performance.

Speed-dependent power steering is also an option in the new Volvo S80. The system provides more power assistance at low speeds, for example, to make parking easier. The handling is very sharp and the engine provides plenty of acceleration and speed, even at low revs.

The front of the Volvo S80 is more distinctive with a new grille featuring the larger iron mark badge, which is part of the more extrovert DNA as seen in recent Volvo models, including the new XC60 crossover. There is also new chrome detailing on the air intakes, lower part of the doors and under the tail lamps.

Inside, there's leather throughout inside, a floating centre stack is surrounded by a Silk Metal frame. Aluminum dials and a four-spoke steering wheel get a same finish. The dash flows into the instrument panel, creating an organic wave. The gauges are real metal with electronic readouts in the center, and the analog needles run on an inner ring. Even the turn-signal arrows fit into an arrow-shaped cutout in the gauge cluster.

Unlike other Volvos, the flagship S80 is a real luxury car. The materials are all soft to the touch, the leather is plush and the seats are ultra comfortable, likewise the New S80 DRIVe follows in its predecessors tire tracks.

Other options include navigation, rear entertainment, parking assist, chrome wheels, and run-flat tires. Volvo also charges extra for metallic paint - bah. It offers all the comfort of the others, and the gadgets and toys, such as the Adaptive Cruise Control and the electronic parking brake (very easy to use), at a considerably lower price. Parking the S80 is easy for a saloon and even though it is a larger car; the S80 has a tight turning radius and light steering.

The New Volvo S80 DRIVe executive saloon which will be available in the UK in summer 2009. Make a note in your diary and watch out for them arriving at the Dealerships.

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