Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Green Car Technology Proven to Save Gas

Green Car Technology Proven to Save GasBy Emily Polanco

Without modifying your car's engine, or hiring a mechanic for expensive labor and parts costs, this website, Gas4Free, and its founders have found a way to convert water as a fuel source for any automobile. The procedure is a simple do-it-yourself project with easy to follow steps. The results are astounding.

As seen in Popular Science and Popular Mechanic magazines, thousands of people and many testimonials have been received with positive feedback. And with the website offering a 100% Guarantee, it seems worth it to try this new science.

This technology is nicknamed "HHO", because it uses a "fuel" made up of just the elements Hydrogen and Oxygen, meaning no exhaust fumes are emitted into the atmosphere, which can damage the environment. The HHO generator uses the electricity from your own car to produce the Hydrogen and Oxygen "gas". The "gas" is "burned" like the gasoline you purchase at the pump...the only difference being that after your vehicle uses the energy from the HHO, it converts back to water automatically! At no cost to nature...or your health, for that matter.

The HHO generator has been seen to improve the condition of car's engines, acting as a self-cleaning agent using the water to discard carbon deposits that have built up over time, leading to less engine noise, and smoother rides.

Testimonials appear to continually pour in from people with diesel engines, people who have doubled their car's existing gas mileage, or even from some individuals who have tripled their fuel mileage.

In addition, the offer comes with several bonuses, which are apparently worth quite a lot of savings themselves; some examples include tips on how to drive smarter in fuel efficiency, and even a book on how to get an IRS refund for using a green technology!

In conclusion, as an environmentally-active and concerned citizen, I have found the Gas4Free system compelling enough to try, and would also like to see the results myself, seeing as it has rave reviews, and has even been published.

Emily is a young author committed to reviewing the latest green, environmentally-friendly innovations, as well as other areas of personal interest.

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