Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Touchscreens for Car Dealerships

Touchscreens for Car DealershipsTouchscreen information kiosks are a great investment for car and motorcycle dealerships and enable you to add an extra sales resource to your dealership.

Touchscreen Information for Car and Motorcycle Dealerships

If you're looking to buy a new or used car (or motorcycle) then typically you would prefer to do this on a nice sunny day. Some customers may visit when the dealership is closed, or on bank holidays when the sales team are all busy talking with customers.

By adding a touchscreen information point kiosk to your dealership you have an additional sales resource able to provide a wide range of information, brochures and video content to your new customers. The touchscreen kiosks can be positioned in the main showroom, service area waiting areas and other locations. The kiosks can be branded with your choice of logos and could include the brands you represent.

What can your customers access?

  • View car stock at this location and entire dealership stock

  • View details about each car and its service history

  • Print out the vehicle information

  • Get a finance quote using online forms

  • Get an insurance quote online

  • View Service Department Details

  • Book your car in for a service

  • View car reviews and awards

  • View videos and other documents

Thru-Glass Touchscreens for Dealerships

Using through-glass touch screen technologies you can provide access to your vehicle stock out of normal business hours. Visitors can simply browse your car stock or view service options and even read car reviews from outside your showroom. The touchscreen display can be any size from around 17in to 60in widescreen format. The thru-glass displays can also show video content while not in use.

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