Tuesday, 26 October 2010

How to Tune Up Your Mazda - Mazda Tuning Tips

How to Tune Up Your Mazda - Mazda Tuning TipsThe time has come to service your Mazda, and like any responsible car owner, you would like to do a good job and keep your car in tip top condition. This is a very good idea because if you ever come to sell your car one day, at least you can say that you loved and cared for it. As is normal with cars, they all come in different shapes and sizes, and their engine capacity also varies. One of the pluses of keeping your Mazda in good condition is that it prolongs the life of your car, protects the engine and helps with fuel economy.

There are a couple of tune up checks that you can perform yourself on your Mazda. When you open the bonnet, you can have a look and see that the radiator hose and the heater hose are not leaking. More serious problems like if they are soft and floppy or hard and swollen, you need a mechanic as both of these indicate a more serious problem. In the engine a big valve cover needs to be checked quite often. This is the cylinder head, which protects the engine from oil spills. The newer Mazda models now use a 'serpentine-belt system' which is adjusted by mechanics. If this mechanism is too tight, you will have problems - talk to your local friendly service station for advice.

Normally the engine cap and rotor do not need much servicing, but with a car, nothing should be taken for granted. An experienced mechanic will check these parts and replace spark plugs and air filters as part of a routine service, especially if your engine light has been on in your electronic control panel.

If your brakes have been squeaking, this could mean that your brake pads are worn out and need to be replaced. It could also be an indication that the brake callipers are out of line, or the drums of the brakes could have problems. This sort of thing needs to be checked out professionally at once, as it is unsafe to drive a vehicle with noisy brakes. Always make sure that you keep your eye on the temperature gauge of your Mazda. This is an easy indicator of problems in your radiator. The temperature gauge should normally hover just under half, but if it moves higher or right into the red area, drive straight to a service station. It could be something simple such as adding water to the radiator, or there could be a leak in your radiator. Your car should not be driven when the temperature gauge is in the red.

Your control panel has various lights that come on when a problem is experienced in that area of the car. So, when your oil light switches on, go to a service centre and check the oil levels. You can do this very simple procedure completely on your own! If you ignore it, you can end up with having to replace the entire engine - a very expensive exercise. If you notice that your car is constantly pulling to one side, there is a problem with the tyres - either they are worn on that side or your wheel alignment is out. This is simple to fix.

For keeping your Mazda in tip top condition Mark Hannt recommends finding your local UK Mazda Dealers.

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