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Ford Fiesta Zetec Car Review

Ford Fiesta Zetec Car ReviewBy Melissa Pye

Driver Comfort & Visibility
Overall the visibility in the Zetec is good. There are only 2 areas of slight concern for vertically challenged people like me (Entertainment

This is worth a mention. Not only can you control your choice of tunes with a button on the steering wheel, but you can connect just about any portable music player including a USB stick, MP3 player and iPod. The Zetec also has a small screen located in the centre of the dash showing you what is playing.

It's no good looking sexy in your car if you're not safe. The Fiesta has you covered. ABS with Electronic Brake Distribution and front passenger and driverairbags are standard across the range. The Zetec also has Dynamic Stability Control, Emergency Brake Assist and head, thorax and driver knee airbags as standard. You can opt for these additional safety features on the other models for a small $1,000, which is well worth it.

Rear Passenger Comfort
It's not a huge car, so the back seat will not sit 3 burly blokes comfortably. But at least their noggins won't hit the roof thanks to the more than generous head space. However, if you're shipping around kids or small dogs, then space is not an issue.

Some good storage options for a car of this size. There are front door pockets which will hold a bottle of water, a good sized glove box and a small coin holder on the right hand side of the steering wheel. In the rear you'll also find pockets on the back of the front and passenger seats. It's got 3 good drinks holders that are well positioned in between the driver and passenger seats.

The boot is not huge, but you will easily fit in a gym bag and some shopping with the rear seats in use. We popped in 2 overnight suitcases and 2 brief cases with ease. If you need even more space, just fold the rear seat down.

Green Factor
Plenty of green news here. It consumes about 6 litres per 100kms, has a greenhouse rating of 7.5 out of 10 and has been awarded 4 stars by the GreenVehicleGuide. Cheap to run and not too harsh on the environment.

The Drive
We took the cars for a spin in the Adelaide Hills to really test its road holding, acceleration and braking. The Fiesta loved the hairy turns and steep inclines. It performed incredibly well and was a very fun car to drive. One very clever feature is its speed sensitive steering called Electronic Power Assisted Steering (EPAS). Basically the steering is lighter when you're going slower, like parking, and it firms up when travelling at speed, which gives it a sporty feel.

What We Love About the Fiesta
Healthy list of safety features, great audio system, iPod and MP3 player compatibility, blue tooth technology (in the Zetec) and the seat trim. You've got a choice of 11 exterior colours with a stand out lime metallic. And yes, we do love its styling. It's sporty, cheeky and a little bit sexy!

Test Drive Tips
The indicators are located on the left hand side of the steering column, thanks to its European origins. Not so bad if it's raining, but on a dry day you'll feel a bit of a goose putting on your wipers each time you go to use your indicators!

If you are thinking about test driving this car, you might also want to consider the Hyundai Getz, Kia Rio, Toyota Yaris, Suzuki Swift and Holden Barina.

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