Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Kia Forte - The Car That Everybody Desires

Kia Forte - The Car That Everybody DesiresBy Alfred Bruno

The 2011 Kia Forte is the latest happening on the front. Powered by electricity but not tethered as you would imagine to power outputs, this car does everything that gasoline driven cars does and even more. It is the 2011 Motor trend Car of the Year and is exactly what the car-crazy generation of today was waiting for.

Though powered by electricity, the 2011 Kia Forte can drive on gas as well without any emissions. However, if long drives are what pumps you up, then a gas powered on-board generator comes into the act and can take you wherever you desire to go. A superior volt battery is the backbone of Kia Forte. The battery is subjected to vigorous tests that include testing for corrosion and weather variations. The battery is guaranteed to give you a highly impressive 100,000 mile or an 8-year warranty.

The Kia Forte comes with a thermal cooling and heating system that keeps the battery at manageable levels of temperature as it is charged and discharged. While the Kia Forte is not the first electric car in the market and will certainly not be the last, but it certainly is the best one to hit the U.S markets. It is promising, practical and most importantly meets the needs of its customers. The car runs on electricity for an initial range of 35 miles after which an onboard gas generator takes over and takes it ahead for another 340 miles by creating electricity from a full tank of gas.

Two LCD screens on the dashboard display speed, battery power, the range to recharge and the efficiency gauge in real time. A high-resolution screen with touch screen control helps in managing the vehicle on road. You can program the charging schedule as per your needs and based on the electricity rate plans.

Every component in the Kia Forte is designed to change the way you use your car. Optimum output from every single component ensures that the 2011 Kia Forte offers full value for money every time you take the car out on the roads. The car has the perfect aerodynamics to provide the maximum mileage per charge and per gallon which is further enhanced by a closed grille and efficiently designed back edges. While running on electricity the Volt can reach a top speed mph of 100 mph.

The Kia Forte is without doubt the car of the future. It is just the automobile that America was waiting for.

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