Friday, 27 March 2009

The New Nissan Pixo

The New Nissan Pixo is due to be launched during April or May of 2009. So what’s all the fuss about, isn’t it just another New Car in a sea of many?

The New Nissan Pixo is a five door, four seat vehicle that's 3.56 meters long and has a 2.36 meters wheelbase making it an ideal city car which has a 1.0-litre three cylinder petrol engine that's good for 65 PS, making it an ideal runaround for out of city driving also.

Motorists all over Europe are seeking a car with excellent fuel economy and low emissions. Climate Change, often referred to as Global Warming, is considered to be one of the greatest
environmental threats facing the World today and cars that cut down on CO2 emissions are great for the environment. Currently, the average CO2 output of cars sold in the UK is 166 g/km. Obviously the average varies by type of car - luxury cars have a much higher average than city cars. The EU’s target is to reduce all emission levels to 130g/km by the year 2012. The New Pixo is Nissans protégé to meet these targets.

The new Nissan PIXO, a four-seater producing 103 g/km of CO2 and delivers fuel economy of 4.4 l/100km (64.2 mpg) on the combined cycle. The New Nissan Pixo will offer genuinely environmentally-conscious motoring at an accessible price. In fact these figures will position PIXO among the most affordable eco-cars in the small city car category.

The Nissan Pixo’s Power comes from a 1.0 liter 3 cylinder engine that can be mated to either the stander 5-speed manual, or the optional 4-speed automatic. The automatic option is among the first to be available in this class.

The Nissan Pixo looks similar to the Alto but differs in grille design and the headlight and a slight change in the tail-light. One of the most striking styling features is the bold treatment of the light assemblies, helping to give Nissan Pixo a distinctive character. The entire bumper and lower valence section is unique to the Nissan Pixo.

The new Nissan Pixo’s Eco rivals include the Hyundai i30. Hyundai have been taken back by the popularity of its little i30 (119g/km), which has a waiting list, and Hyundai have launched an even greener version, the i10, which will emit 99g/km. The Peugeot 107 (109g/km) looks likely to be the bestselling low-emissions car of 2008 in the UK. So the New Nissan Pixo has some stiff competition, but is holding its own with its minimal 103 g/km of CO2. When the Nissan Pixo is launched in Europe, the PIXO will wear the newly announced Pure Drive badge, which will help car-buyers to identify the most efficient models in Nissan’s range.

At launch, the Nissan Pixo is expected to be Europe’s most affordable automatic. Small cars are big news right now so there's no better time to launch an entry-level model. Nissan's Micra will be replaced in the not too distant future, but the new Nissan Pixo sits lower down the price scale again.

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