Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The New Volvo Ice White C70

The Volvo C70 helped launch a trend toward true hard-top convertibles when it debuted as a 2006 model, and it was an immediate sales success. In order to ensure harmonious lines both with and without the roof, Volvo's designers decided to first draw the Volvo C70 as a coupe. Only after they were satisfied with the result did they make the necessary adjustments to create a convertible out of the finished design. This summer sees the launch of the all new and very sophisticated Volvo Ice White C70.

The New Volvo Ice White C70 is an extremely sexy and glamorous car, a far cry from the same old family, “people carrier” image that is sometimes associated with Volvo. Thanks to the cutting-edge engine technology you can enjoy rapid acceleration, high torque, excellent fuel economy, low emissions, a selection of transmissions and much more.

The New Volvo Ice White C70 is a true convertible, converting from coupe to roadster with the press of a button. With a folding steel roof that deploys from its trunk, it converts from an open car to a closed one in just 30 seconds.

However the Volvo Ice White C70 isn’t just a convertible, it is also a beautiful coupe which feels luxurious to drive.

The Volvo Ice White C70 can be equipped with single or twin engines, and max. Roof down is equally good, with the large front screen doing an excellent job of deflecting the majority of the wind, keeping the passengers isolated from the majority of any buffeting and noise levels are surprisingly low. Comfort is excellent, with the fantastic front seats, and even rear legroom is good for a convertible.

The styling is brilliant, with elegant coupe lines, and the retractable hardtop is an engineering masterpiece. The cabin features comfortable seats, the latest in Volvo interior styling and fabrics, and a clever cubby behind the centre dash. The stereo sounds superb. Everything operates as it should, and it's a beautiful piece of work.

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