Monday, 13 September 2010

The Ferrari F430 - Beauty and Performance in One Classic Machine

The Ferrari F430By Jamie Vanderhorst

A legend, a masterpiece of automotive engineering, designed for absolute top performance, and styled with such classic lines it is virtually a piece of art. This is the Ferrari F430. Find a Ferrari F430 for sale, and you have found a ultra high performance work of art you will be proud to own, envied for owning, and thrilled to drive.

Produced by Ferrari from 2004 until is was replaced with the Ferrari 458 Italia in 2009, the F430 was a solid performer and continued the Ferrari legend. This beautiful car was designed to be ultra stylish with its beautiful curves and highly aerodynamic lines.

It boasts a 4.3 liter V8 engine which is a combined Ferrari/Maserati design, which gives the F430 an amazing 483hp, and a top speed of 196mph.

This mid rear engine, rear wheel drive beauty is mounted on a 102.4 in wheelbase, with an over all length of 177.6 inches, and weighs in at 3,197lbs. Ready to run as you work through the 6 speed manual transmission. It was also made with a 6-speed 'F1' electrohydraulic manual transmission for pure performance.

The design of the F430 was made to provide not only classic styling, but improved downdraft for greater handeling performance and road hugging ability. Find a Ferrari f340 for sale, and you will be looking at a chance to purchase a automotive classic, with all the performance that makes Ferrari a legend. Original MSRP pricing for the F430 was between $168,000 and $227,000.

The F430 was a leader in performance and innovations. It came equipped with E-Diff, which was a computer controlled differential which could vary the distribution of engine torque based on the cars acceleration and steering position. This was a a industry innovation, and the first of its kind ever used.

The F430 also came with a steering wheel mounted electronic stability system with which the driver can set the stability settings of the vehicle using one of five performance settings. The Ferrari F430 also came equipped with the exclusive Eagle F1 Goodyear tires, which feature run-flat capability and One Tred Technology.

The Ferrari F430 came in two model, the standard two door hardtop, and the Spider, which is the convertible version. As with all Ferrari automobiles, slip into the drivers seat and you feel like you are sliding into the cockpit of a high performance race car or aircraft. The sleek and classic dashboard offers aircraft styled instrumentation.

The F430 also featured key less entry, leather seating, power windows and door locks, an anti-theft system, and a superb ABS anti-locking braking system. If you love high performance, classic and timeless styling, and the performance only Ferrari can provide, then this is a car for you. Find a Ferrari F430 for sale, and you have found a timeless classic.

Jamie Vanderhorst has been covering the auto industry for the last 10 years, working as a professional automotive writer. One of his favourite cars is the Ferrari F430. View his favorite used cars for sale here.

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