Tuesday, 7 September 2010

New Safety Features For Nissan

By Dennis J James

Nissan and Infiniti cars are equipped with two new safety technologies, Forward Collision Avoidance Assist Concept and Moving Object Detection.

The first one helps the driver to avoid hitting a vehicle by reducing the risk of sudden braking. A radar sensor monitors the distance from the car in front and its relative speed. If deceleration is required, the driver is alerted through a screen display and sound. Then a force is generated that pushes the accelerator pedal and applies partial breaking, assisting the driver to slow the car down. If there is still a possibility of collision, the system applies harder braking while at the same time tightens the seatbelt of the driver.

The second system is available with other auto makers, but the version offered by Nissan offers supplementary information to the driver when he starts the car or drives at low speeds. The older version, Around View Monitor, was launched in October 2007 and was available on Infiniti EX and FX. It also uses screen display and an audio buzzer which informs the driver of moving objects that are close to the car, pedestrians included. It does so when you start the car, park it or when driving at low speed. This new feature could also be helpful in intersections with poor side visibility.

Several automakers are offering features that offer more awareness of their surroundings, and the systems are capable of higher performance if compared to the driver's abilities. Acura, Lexus, Ford or Mercedes-Benz have similar systems, but the new Nissan Forward Collision Avoidance Assist Concept takes things a step further. The Moving Object Detection uses a surround view camera system to notice any pedestrians or objects moving close to the vehicle. However, unlike similar systems on Volvo or Lexus, it only works for low speeds and does not apply brakes.

The new safety features will probably be available on Infinity next year. Nissan is not only offering improved safety feature on its vehicles. The electric Leaf has zero-emissions status, and the devotion towards electric vehicles seems to be greater than that of other car makers.

Improving emissions and increasing fuel economy is a goal for all the vehicles offered by Nissan. Next month, Nissan will launch the next generation XTRONIC CVT, continuously variable transmission. In the next few years, several hybrid models will be launched, among which Fuga Hybrid or Infiniti M35 Hybrid are the most interesting.

Use of low-displacement engines such as the HR12DE three cylinders and the HR15DE 1.5 liter is also planned for the future but also for the newly launched Juke.

Nissan Motor Co. is always trying to find ways to increase efficiency on its power trains in order to reduce carbon dioxide emission. The three and four cylinder gasoline engines offered in 2010 are examples of the company's green efforts. The company has a holistic approach on zero-emission which translated into a range of eco-technologies from which customers can choose. The commitment of this company to ongoing innovation has various facets and safety features are not the only domain in which you can notice it.

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