Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Are Automobile Lobbyists to Blame For Gas Guzzlers, Pollution and Fuel Crisis?

By Lance Winslow

Today, we note that so many of our American made cars on the road are gas-guzzlers, but why? It's not as if this was a lesson that had not been learned the hard way in days gone by. In the 70's there was a gasoline shortage and folks waited in line based on their license plate being odd or even. Are we headed for a repeat, scarcity issues, along with high gasoline prices?

Some believe that the lobbyists of the Automotive Industry are to blame, are they? After all, it has been said that what's good for GM is good for America, so if that's true it would go for all the large US Automakers right? We not exactly, for instance it would be good if GM, Ford and Chrysler could make lots of money selling large expensive SUVs, but that would not be good for American Families due to the cost to fuel them.

Are auto lobbyists bad? Well, let's look at the "no" answer to that exact question. You see, every company, just like every citizen should be allowed to talk to their government. If government officials take bribes or allow lobbyists to persuade them against what's best for the whole, then there is a problem with corruption.

That is a human issue, human trait and a government problem. There should be no crime for attempting to get what's best for your company, but there should be a crime against politicians who allow themselves to be corrupted.

And we should remember that indeed, all politics is local, and all groups have specific issues. It is human nature to get more for doing less, thus you have greedy politicians, dirty lobbyists, unions and all sorts of leverage that tears down at what could have been a wonderful free-market system. And by the time the lawyers are through with it all, you have a pretenda-economic system, which serves no one. Think on this.

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