Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Personalised Model Cars - The Perfect Gift For Any Car Lover

By Matt Franks

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the car lover in your life? While there are several things you could get them such as a car picture, a new mug with their favourite car on it or a cool tee shirt with an awesome car on it. But aren't these all things you have given this person before? For people who love a certain thing the options for gift giving begin to dwindle quickly as the holidays pass by year after year. A person can only have so many pictures, so many new coffee mugs and so many different shirts before the idea of gift giving really becomes a stressful thing instead of a joy. If you are at this point then there is one gift you might not have thought of, a personalised model car.

With a personalised model car you can not only choose the kind of car you want to purchase but you can also chose the colour of the car and the details that will go on it. These promotional model cars can then also be personalised with the gift recipients name on the hood, trunk or down the side of the car. That will make this particular promotional gift one that is so much more personal and enjoyable.

So what occasions are the best for giving a personalised model car? Just about any occasion will be appropriate for giving the gift of a promotional model car. Ideally you want to give you gift to a person who is old enough to be responsible for the care of the personalised model cars. These gifts are not really toys to be played with rather they are items to be admired.

If you have a child who is turning 16 years old and getting his or her license then a personalised model car would be a great gift for their sweet 16. You could also give this personalised model car to a child who is turning 18 years old and heading into adulthood. Giving the gift of a special personalised model car can end up being the highlight of a very special birthday.

A personalised model car is also a great gift to give to someone who is retiring. Many people who have a passion for cars will begin to develop that passion even more after they retire. Giving them the gift of a personalised model car would be a great farewell present. Don't forget to personalise it with a "Happy Retirement" along with the date so they can always remember when they received this very special gift.

As you can see there is no set holiday or occasion where you can or cannot give the gift of a personalised model car. Just make sure to think long and hard about the perfect model along with the perfect colour since you will have so many different models and colours to choose from this will be the hard part. Picking out a great message to personalise the model cars with will be the easy part.

Matt Franks is director of Fluid Branding, the UK's leading online supplier of Promotional Model Cars and other Promotional Products You can also find a wide range of Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items at Eco Incentives.

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