Monday, 15 September 2008

HHO Generator Can Increase The Power Of Your Car Dramatically


The term Water Car can be understood in two ways. 1) A water car that rides on water and 2) A water car that runs on water, but as a fuel. This article talks about using water as fuel for car. It sounds fascinating isn't it? Well, thanks to the technology that has brought water cars into existence. You can now have car fitted with an on board HHO generator which generates HHO gas to be fed into the engine manifold along with regular gasoline / petrol. The benefits of these kinds of water powered cars are that you get increased mileage, more power, less pollution and above all your cars engine stays much cooler.

Initially, water cars were popular only in Europe. However, you can now find water cars in USA and other parts of the world too. This is possible due to the awareness about the water car and thus creating a demand and supply like situation which also reflects on the selling price of a water car. Also, technology has brought in, intelligent and long lasting parts for the water car.

With a water car, you can experience the thrill and excitement of driving vehicles at high speed and that too in the water. This is all happening due to the coming of new technology which makes a whole new mode of transportation possible.

How does water fueled car works?

Your car can now be fueled by using water. It can be done when water is used as a supplement to gasoline. Yes, you can now convert your car to run on water and gas. This technology of using water as car fuel has been around since many years. However, recently, the concept of using water as car fuel has started getting more attention. These days there are water conversion kits available. You can use this kit to convert your car to run on water and gas. You can save about 40% on fuel costs. It also helps to improve the ecological balance.

When you use water as car fuel, you automatically improve the survival of life, called oxygen. The running car that is fueled by water leaves out oxygen and water vapor or steam. When condensation takes place, the water vapor quickly condenses back into water. This action helps to replenish the oxygen in our atmosphere. This is the main benefit for switching to water as car fuel.

Water conversion do it yourself kits are now available which teach you to use water as car fuel. You can use tap water as car fuel. So, no need for any distilled water or any kind of special water. The conversion kit cum guide teaches you how to use electricity from your car's battery in order to separate water into a gas called HHO ( 2 hydrogen + oxygen. The other name for HHO is called Brown's gas or Hydroxy. It has a smooth burning effect and provides effective energy. At the end, you get H2O. The atomic power of hydrogen is provided by HHO and at the same time it maintains the stability of water.

One must understand that you cannot use water entirely as car fuel. You will have to use gasoline too. But the main point that has to be kept in mind is that you can save much money on gas if water is used as a supplementary car fuel. Also, the after effects of using water as car fuel, helps the environment in a great way.

You can convert your vehicle to run on water today. This is your choice however, there are lots of plus points as to why you should go for a hho generator.

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