Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Watch Out! Ten Tips to Avoid Unsafe Motorists

Watch Out! Ten Tips to Avoid Unsafe MotoristsBy Nichole Luna

Any car wreck attorney can probably tell you plenty of stories of clients who knew something was wrong with the motorist who wrecked them them before it occurred. There are many times when people are on the road and a driver in the other lane or at an stoplight seems off. Sometimes it's obvious that they're drunk. They may be swerving, driving way too slow or too fast and so forth. In other instances, it's just obvious that they're not paying attention and that a wreck is imminent. There are some ways you can avoid these wreckless motorists. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. If someone accelerates up to a stop sign or stop light you are approaching, assume they are going to go past it. Never count on their brakes or their brains.

  2. Watch out for drivers who are rummaging around the seat or glove box. They don't see you.

  3. If a driver is obviously drunk, get out of their way. Pass if you have to or back off. Don't hesitate to call it in it in, either.

  4. Don't make obscene gestures or start arguments with other drivers. All drivers on the road are armed with a multi-ton battering ram.

  5. If someone is impelled to prevent you from merging or entering another lane, do not fight with them. Just let them get ahead and away from you.

  6. If another person is following too closely, let the person to pass. Slow down to make it easy for them.

  7. If someone is trying to harass you by tailgating, don't speed up to accommodate them. They'll just get even worse about it.

  8. Always turn off your blinker after you turn. Not doing so means drivers behind you willdisregard it if you turn again.

  9. Never go back to your home if you're being followed by an angry driver. Always go to a public place.

  10. If you are hit, call your car crash attorney before you call the insurance company, always.

Many car accident personal injury attorneys see clients who have been wronged and injured because of the carelessness of others. While some justice can be served by getting due compensation for pain, suffering and sometimes debilitating injuries, avoiding the wreck altogether is always the best move. If you've done everything you can, however, and the driver still slams into you, make sure that you know, and exercise, your rights. There's no rationality to suffer unjustly.

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