Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Mercedes S Class - A New Era in Car Production

Mercedes S Class - A New Era in Car Production By John Eva

Mercedes S Class is the newest of the sedan coupes to cause envy to the competition. Trying to seduce the up and coming business executives with this extremely beautiful sedan. Well, whether they succeed in gathering the age group they are seeking for business or not this is a sweet little automobile. With two trim packages and all sorts of optional extras this is an easily upgraded safe vehicle that also has reliability and durability of branding from the German makers.

This excellently built interior is not only stylish it is made for ease of use for the driver with incredible luxurious styling. The seats are stylish and comfortable, they feel like they are made to meld with your body as does the entire cockpit. The newest attraction added for those wanting to graduate from the want to be luxury class vehicles is the state of the art up to the minute system with the iPod or iPhone plug ins, navigation system, travel in style with a rock your world stereo and out of this universe sound quality.

Made for easy maneuvering around town to zip into parking spaces or easily park in a parallel spot this car is a dream to drive around town or on a long vacation. As with all of the Mercedes S class vehicles it is easy to see why this is indeed a special vehicle in a class all by itself. The quality construction of interior and exterior are nothing when you look under the hood. It has an unbelievable engine and transmission that will take you wherever you want to go in record time with style and grace only imagined by other automakers.

No matter where you are going in your career this car says you have arrived and look at me now. Anyone who ever aspired to be someone has to have this car. It screams, "I have arrived and I am a force to be reckoned with. Look at me now world". This is the luxury car you have always wanted and dreamed of. With a price tag of around 88,000 it is a statement that you have arrived in the world and you can be envied. Drive in style, drive with class and drive with confidence that the quality of the car will exceed even the highest expectations any driver might possibly have. Surround yourself with a choice vehicle.

When it comes to financing options you can count on several choices including purchasing, leasing and buyers choice. Financing the car with the recommended options from the Mercedes dealer is an excellent choice for the buyer who wants to get the best deal.

There is always the choice of utilizing a bank or credit union. As for other options there is leasing in one year to four years terms with various mileage options. This is a great deal for anyone interested in exchanging or upgrading to the latest newest vehicle every few years or someone who really doesn't take long trips or put a lot of mileage on a car during the course of a year.

Another option is to look into buyer's choice where the buyer turns the car in at the end of the term, or purchases it out right from the dealer or obtains financing from his own sources. This is a great option if you want to walk away free and clear at the end of a term without being upside down on a vehicle. Whatever way you want to own your vehicle the Mercedes S is an excellent vehicle to test drive and then fall for.

Written on behalf of Total Fleet Services by John Eva
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