Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Sudden Acceleration in Rural Areas

Sudden Acceleration in Rural AreasBy David S Caldwell

Sudden acceleration has affected numerous automobiles, including millions of vehicles produced in the last ten years. Many drivers have witnessed their vehicles accelerate out of control for no visible reason. Sudden uncontrolled acceleration is extraordinarily dangerous regardless of where it occurs, whether in a city or in the country. Compared with the city, rural areas present a unique set of dangers.

While urban areas are dense with automobiles, rural highways can be far more desolate and unpopulated. Rush hour traffic on the interstate means being surrounded by hundreds upon hundreds of other vehicles. Uncontrolled acceleration in these conditions can result in massive accidents. On many rural highways, several minutes may pass before you encounter another vehicle.

Rural highways may have fewer vehicles, but accidents can prove deadlier than those in city traffic. A vehicle that has been involved in a collision may be an hour or more by ambulance to the nearest hospital. People who have been seriously injured might go unnoticed by the few passing vehicles for some time. In some places, victims may not even be able to use their mobile phones.

Even if an ambulance is dispatched it may be hours before that person can receive proper medical treatment. Rural hospitals serve fewer people and may not be able to take care of people who have suffered serious trauma. When they have stabilized a person who has suffered serious injuries, rural hospitals commonly transfer patients by helicopter to more sophisticated trauma wards in the city.

Toyota automobiles have recently been linked with sudden acceleration. Before taking a vehicle that may be prone to sudden acceleration through a rural area, owners of recent Toyotas should not put themselves at risk. Anyone who owns a recent-model Toyota, regardless of location, should bring their vehicle to the dealership as soon as possible for repairs.

David Caldwell

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